Operation E.I.G.H.T.

Wally walked over to Mai, when she calmed down. She turned around, smiled, and then said. "Right as I was saying, I was never evil or captured. Me and some other people made up a plan."
"Emm, what was the plan?" asked Kuki.
"Ohh, just to make yous two, to tell each other how you feel." replied Mai. Kuki blushed, and she looked like she was sunburnt. On the other hand Wally was going a little pink on the face.
"But how did you know, how we felt?" asked Kuki, while trying to hide her redness.
"Well it was four things, number one, everyone knew, number two, some other people told me, and number three, I had a feeling you liked each other." said Mai.
"What was number four?" asked Wally.
"Ohh, and I read Kuki's diary." she said, while handing a very pink, and rainbow monkey covered book to Kuki. Kuki went from sunburnt red, to nearly purple from embarrassment.
After a minute from the embarrassment, Kuki cleared her throat. "And who's these some other people?" asked Kuki.
"Oh well, when I went to England, I met Nigel Uno in a sweet shop, with his mum, dad and his grandparents. I was only about ten, and he was like seven. We both introduced ourselves and then from that time, we became good friends. We hanged out together, when we were visiting England. And when it was our last day, to go back home, we promised to stay friends, and talk to each other on the phone and computer. So that's why Nigel never told me his second name, because I already knew him. And for the other people it was, Abby, Hoagie, Mushi who helped me get Sandy to capture me, and Kuki. And, oh I had some help from the Japanese Kids Next Door. They took me here, and made it look like I was kidnapped." replied Mai, while taking a long breath.
"So, nearly everyone was in on this plan?" asked Wally, while making sure he heard this right. "Yip, pretty much." replied Mai, while smiling.
Kuki walked slowly, while two of her companions were walking ahead of her. "Ow." she said, while groaning in pain.
"What is it?" asked Wally.
"It's my back, it still hurts." replied Kuki.
"Let's see." demanded Mai, while pulling up Kuki's top.
(Just making a note here, you can only see her back. I repeat only her back, no where else!)
There was two little burns on her back shoulder. It was where Mai pushed her into a candle.
"Sorry Kuki, I'll go get something to make it less painful." said Mai, while running around trying to find a first-aid kit.
"What did she do to you?" asked Wally.
"She pushed me into a wall, but she never saw the candles." replied Kuki, while pulling her top back down. Wally looked at Kuki worriedly. Kuki noticed this.
"It was when she was pretending to be evil." she said. There was no discussion on the subject, for Mai came running back with a cloth and ointment. "What are you doing with your top down? Huh?" asked Mai, while pulling her cousin's top back up. She steeped the cloth into the ointment, then she dabbed Kuki's back. Kuki cried in pain, while she was getting this done.
After five minutes Kuki felt a lot better, and Mai had finished dabbing. Three of them sat on the floor, while Wally and Kuki had some questions to get answered.
"How did get Sandy to capture you?" asked Kuki.
"Well like I said before, I got Mushi to ask him, well more like suggest, because she told him, if he captured me, he would be able to get you." she replied, while pointing at Kuki.
"And how did you know, that I was going to be here?" asked Wally.
"Well, I just guessed, since you love my cousin, and you were dumb enough to get her, plus if you weren't going to crash the party, then the plan wouldn't have worked." she said, while smiling, like there's no tomorrow. Wally blushed like a tomato, while Kuki giggled.
"But how's it, I got out of the cage?" asked Wally.
"Well, when Kuki was getting married, I kind of pressed the button on the cage." she replied.
"Mai, did you read all of my diary?" asked Kuki.
"Emm yes, why, was there something embarrassing, like 26th of June, Wally looked cute today in his swimsuit. Or on the 23rd of December, Wally was sooo cute in his little orange winter coat, and boots. Ohh or better yet, yesterday's entry, I think Wally likes…." she was interrupted, when Kuki put her hand over her cousin's mouth.
"That's enough, anyway we have to get out of here, before Sandy and his cousins wake up." suggested Kuki, while moving her hand from her cousin's mouth, and standing up. Mai and Wally looked at each other and nodded, they got up and walked along side Kuki.
Ai was making fun of her cousin and her diary, while Wally smiled at Kuki, who was shouting at Mai.
They were almost at the entrance of the cave, when suddenly two masked figures appeared. Kuki was a little afraid, nearly jumped out of her skin and into Wally's arms. The masked figures did two wonderful forward flips, and landed softly on the spot, which was in front of the three staring kids…..

End Transmition