Operation E.I.G.H.T.
As Kuki struggled, as Mai had turned the laser on. She screamed but everyone around her was laughing. The laser was getting closer to her every time. She turned her head, and then back again and noticed the laser getting more closer to her body. It inched a bit closer, and more closer, until it almost touched her left foot. She thought, this is it, I'm going to turn evil, and I'll never love him again. She closed her eyes as she thought, until she heard groans.
"Huh, you come at the wrong time, as usual." groaned Sandy.
"But my King, I've brought a intruder." said one of the knights.
"Very well, bring him in." said Sandy, while stomping down the stairs to where the intruder was being brought in.
"Ah, the boy who foiled my last two plans." said Sandy.
"Let Mai, and Kuki go, take me instead." said Wally.
"But why want me? I like it here." said Mai, who appeared from the shadows.
"Mai, your alright, but how? It doesn't matter, just escape with Kuki." demanded Wally.
"No, they're staying here with me. Isn't that right, Kuki?" said Sandy, who was walking over to Kuki. Kuki stayed silent, while Wally was dragged to the dungeon. Shortly after Kuki joined him.
"Wally!" cried Kuki, once she was locked in the same cell as Wally.
"Kuki!" replied Wally, as he got up and hugged Kuki. He was so relieved, that they never harmed Kuki.
"Wally I have to tell you something." began Kuki.
"What?" asked Wally, while letting go of Kuki, and turning his back.
"I'm in love with you." said Kuki, while blushing. Wally stood silently for a moment, while trying to take in what Kuki said. He then nipped himself, to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He then turned to face Kuki. He looked straight into her eyes, while she looked at his eyes.
They were both silent until Wally cleared his throat. Don't be a chicken, just tell her, thought Wally. "Emm Kuki, I'm…" he was interrupted, when Sandy walked down the stairs, with Mai, and three knights behind him.
"Sorry to interrupt your little love talk." said Sandy, while smirking. Both Kuki, and Wally blushed, while their five capturers smirked at them.
"Open this now!" demanded Sandy. The knight closest to the prison cell, opened it with a big set of keys. The knight then grabbed Wally, with his huge hands. Wally kicked him in the shin, but he still had a hold of him. Kuki shouted at the top of her voice, while Wally was dragged away. "Now, if you want your little boyfriend to live, I advise you to be my bride." suggested Sandy, while keeping the prison cell open. He held out a hand for Kuki to take his offer. She had no other choice, she could only trust him, and pray to god, that Wally will be okay. She took his hand, and he pulled her up. Mai took Kuki by the hand, and lead her to the room, which had her lovely bride dress in it.
The dress was sitting on a little wooden stool. Kuki was a little shocked with the dress, it was white, and quite short, (about up to the knees) and there was no flat shoes, only white high heel sandals. There was a nice white hair band with a white lily sewed to it. There was also a veil, and a pair of white gloves. She miserably put the short dress on, and the extras along with it. She walked down the creepy corridor, along with Mai, who was holding her veil. When she finally got to the 'altar', her eyes filled up with tears. She stood side by side with Sandy. His three knights started crying, while Mai miserably popped a party streamer. (She thought this was a waste of time.) Sandy smirked, while his bride cried silent tears. "Hello Dudes, and Dudettes, we're gather here today, to celebrate this couple's marriage. Do you take this dudette to be your wife?" said the surfer dude, who was acting like a priest. Sandy smiled, and said "Of course I do."
"Do you dudette take this dude to be your husband?" asked the surfer dude. Kuki was silent for a moment, until she was about to speak. "I…." she was interrupted when the door banged opened. "STOP! Kuki don't do it!" shouted Wally, while he stormed into the room. "What is he doing here? And how did he escape?" asked Sandy. The three knights tried to grab Wally by his arms, but he was too quick for them. He ran up to Kuki and Sandy. "What are you…." Sandy was interrupted, when he got punched in the face, by Wally. "C'mon!" shouted Wally, while grabbing Kuki's hand.
"But…" she never finished her sentence, when she was running for her life. They both got to the corridor outside the pretend altar, when Mai had a gun in her hand. She pointed it at their backs, while they slowed down and turned around.
"Mai, don't do this." said Kuki. Mai looked at her cousin for a moment, it was like she was thinking about something. She then came out of her thoughts, and went back to her cousin and Wally. "Go to the room, or else I'll shoot." stated Mai, while pushing Wally forward.
"What's in the room?" whispered Wally.
"You'll find out soon." replied Mai, before Kuki could. They slowly walked down the corridor. They were lead into a dark room, (the one Kuki was in before) the room had a laser, and in the middle of the room was a sort of simulator. Kuki was lead to the simulator, while Wally was left standing near the door. He was about to escape, when Sandy and the three knights appeared at the doorway. He was then lead to a different room. There was a little wall, that was separating from the other room. He could still see Kuki, and Kuki could still see him.
Wally was tied to a long rope which dangled above a massive bowl of boiling cheese. He thought to himself, this is it, I'll never see Kuki again, and Sandy will have her. No! Don't think like that, he's never going to have her, even over my dead body. After making his mind up, he shouted at the top of his voice. "KUKI SANBAN, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU AS WELL!" Everyone turned to look at Wally. (even Mai.) They were all silent, until Mai shouted. "Yes! You've finally said it!" Now everyone was looking at Mai. She walked to where Kuki was, and opened the simulator. Kuki who was both happy, and confused at the same time, looked at her cousin. Mai then walked over to Wally. "Hello hot stuff." she joked, when she helped him out of the death trap.
"Right, I'm a bit confused, why are you helping us? I thought you were evil, Mai?" asked Kuki, when she finally got to where her cousin and Wally was.
"I wasn't really." she replied, while sitting herself on a couch.
"What do you mean?" asked Wally, while realising Kuki was holding his hand. He blushed, while Mai was trying to think of words.
"Well you see, I…." she was interrupted, when Sandy and his knights came running towards them.
"Mai, what is the meaning of this?" asked one of the knights.
"It's alright, I'll handle it. Ahem. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!" Sandy asked. (Instead of asking, it was more like shouting.)
"Well if you let me speak, then I'll tell yous all." replied Mai, while getting up from the couch.
"Actually don't tell us, I'll just do everything myself." said Sandy, while stomping over to where Kuki was.
"Right, you better get back to your job, and kill Wally, and make Kuki evil, or you'll be the one over the boiling cheese!" demanded Sandy. Wally and Kuki knew what was coming next.
Mai slowly walked passed Sandy, when she stopped at his left side. Sandy turned his head to her, when suddenly her sized 4 foot smacked his face. Sandy stumbled back, and came tumbling down to the floor with a loud thud. The three knights behind him, looked up at the furious girl. All three of them looked at each other, and ran at Mai. Mai who had so much fury in her, joined the little fight. She jumped in mid-air and went flying into the knights, and one by one they all came crashing to the floor. Mai stood up, while Wally and Kuki smiled at each other.
Sandy who lifted his head, was back on the floor, when Mai flied for him. "Are you mad, I was pretending, and I'm not evil as you! And your stupid machine never worked." she said into his ear, before she completely knocked him out. Wally was quite impressed with her, she had just knocked out four boys on her own, with only three hits. And she did just saved his life, and Kuki's.