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Operation E.I.G.H.T.
It has been a month, since Mai's last visit. She was so excited, because she had a plan, to get her cousin together with her crush. She had taken her cousin's diary, without permission, but hey no one's perfect. The last visit, she met her cousin's friends, and she promised Wally to teach him more Martial Arts.
In The Tree House
"Hey Wally." shouted Kuki, from her room.
"What is it?" he asked, from the couch.
"It's only to let you know, that my cousin is coming over, in a week time, and I can't wait, Yay." she squealed, while running into the sitting room.
"Well I don't mind your cousin, she's a great fighter, but…. Ohh come on the ball is right in front of your face!" said Wally, while watching a basketball game.
Mai was in her room packing her stuff, she was so excited. But she would miss Japan, and all of her friends. She went to the car, to put the rest of her cardboard boxes. She went back, to her pink and lilac room. It was completely empty from all of that packing she has been doing. She could if she wanted to, to shout at the top of her voice, I bet she would have heard an echo. She took about ten minutes, just to make sure her room was emptied.
She sat on her bed, and was trying to get her clothes out of a cardboard box, from under her bed. She was about to get the box, when she felt something hard.
She took it out, and found it was a photo-album. There was hundreds of pictures with her family, and also some of her and Kuki. There was even a photo of a random dog, lying down on the ground, outside a house. Mai nearly in tears closed the photo-album. She could remember all the times, she tried to tickle a small four year old Kuki. Yes those were the days, thought Mai, as she lay her baby pink top on top of her white skirt. (which was on her bed) She lay on her bed, she felt so tired, that she dropped into a deep sleep.
In the Tree House
"Hey Numbuh four?" asked Hoagie, while walking into the room.
"What?" asked Wally, while turning his head to Hoagie.
"Do you want to go with me to the park?" asked Hoagie.
"Why?" asked Wally.
"Because, I want to try out my new plane." replied Hoagie.
"Maybe later." said the Australian boy. He turned back to the television, when he was interrupted by Numbuh three.
"Ohh, what-..." he began, while looking into Kuki's eyes. She had so much sadness in them, like a soul trying to get free.
"What's wrong?" asked Wally, while trying to make her sit down beside him. She sat down and looked at the floor.
"Kuki? Are you ok?" he asked."It's Mai..." began Kuki, but then stop to gulp.
"What's wrong with Mai?" asked Wally.
"She's been kidnapped from her house in Japan." She couldn't hold back herself no longer. She had a water fall of tears. Wally was shocked, and speechless for a moment, then he gave her a bear hug. She gladly received it, while sniffing. He stroke her soft, smooth long black hair, while she let out all of her sadness. She leaned her head on his strong, hard shoulder.
She cried for an hour until her eyes were red and swollen. She sat up and saw Wally all stiff and sore.
"Sorry Numbuh Four, you should have stop holding me." she said, while trying to smile.
"It's alright, I'm a tough guy." he said, while rubbing his sore shoulder.
"Numbuh two and five, could I talk to you two in here, for a moment please?" asked Numbuh one.
They both looked at each other, and then said "Sure." They both walked into his bedroom.
They all started to whisper, while Numbuh three and four wondered what they were whispering about, so they sneaked to Numbuh one's bedroom door, and pressed their ears to it.
Numbuh four creaked the door open, while he watched his three friends talking. Numbuh two, who heard the door open, talked a lot louder, than before.
"So, you're saying Mai, Kuki's cousin, has been kidnapped by a group of teenagers?" asked Numbuh two, while pointing (so Wally and Kuki couldn't see) to the door. Numbuh five realised what he was doing, when he started to swirl his eyes over to the door.
"Yes, Numbuh two, she has been, and they want the 'secret file' that we have hidden down in a cave next beside Sandy's castle, and Sandy's castle is where they have taken her." winked Numbuh five. Kuki couldn't take no more, she walked out of the tree house, and down the street. While Wally who was amazed at his friends from keeping the secret from him and Kuki, decided to follow Kuki, and walk out the tree house.
"I think Mai's plan worked." said Numbuh one, while giving a high-five to Numbuh two and five.

Authors note: I will be putting the rest of the characters in later! I promise!! :D
-AC, Numbuh 6