Operation E.I.G.H.T.

Author note: Hey people, this is the first chapter for Operation E.I.G.H.T.! I'll be introducing all the characters later on in the story. In this chapter I introduce only one of the characters but don't worry cause all of the characters will be in it soon!!! :)

It was two in the afternoon, and sector V had finished defeating the Delightful Children from down the lane. (yet again)
"Hey guys, good work today, anybody want pizza?" asked Numbuh one.
"Yeah, course we want pizza, who doesn't." replied Numbuh two.
"I'll go order it the now. Do you want the usual or a little bit different?" asked Numbuh one.
"It's the usual." replied Numbuh five, when she was about to go in the living room.
"I'll go get My First Rainbow Monkey, he'll like some pizza too." said Numbuh three, while going in her room.
"Ahhhh!" shouted Numbuh five.
"NUMBUH FIVE! WHAT'S WRONG?" shouted Numbuh four.
They all ran into the sitting room, to see if Numbuh five was alright. (except Numbuh three, cause she was away to her room)
There was a strange looking girl on the couch. She looked just like Numbuh three, it was a bit scary, except she wore black. She was wearing skinny jeans , with a long black top. (Which covered her arms) She had a purple hair band in her hair, which made her long black hair flick up near her ears.
"Oh great there's a cruddy girl sitting on our couch." said Numbuh four.
"HIYA!" said the girl, who was already off the couch, and standing in front of Numbuh four, with her fists clenched.
"Hi, Mai." said Numbuh three, when she entered the room, with her My First Rainbow Monkey, in her hand.
"Do you know this girl, Numbuh three?" asked Numbuh two. (by this time Wally was challenging Mai to a showdown.)
"Course I know her, silly. She's my cousin." replied Numbuh three, while sitting on the couch.
"Mai, it's more like Eh." he said, while seeing Mai, with an angry face.
"Mai, means in Japanese elegance." she said angrily.
"Who cares! Right on the count of Que, we'll go ok? One, One and a half, Two, Que." said Numbuh four. (he can't count)
"Oh, and guys I advice you not to challenge my cousin to anything to do with fighting, she's a black belt in Martial Arts." said Numbuh three from the couch.
"WHAT!" shouted Numbuh four, when he realized that he had made a huge mistake.
In a second he was thrown to the kitchen, with one punch. His eye swelled up in less than a minute.
"Hello, my name is Mai Sanban." said Mai, while smiling.
"Pleasure to meet you, I'm Nigel, this is Hoagie Gilligan, that's Abby Lincoln, and the one you punched is Wally Beatles." Numbuh one said, while shaking her hand.
"Oh I'm sorry for that, Wally, but when I get challenged I have to do it, and I set my mind to it." said Mai, while Wally got up from the floor. "It's alright." Wally discontented.
"Are you like Kuki?" asked Numbuh two. (he's so random)
"Nope, we're totally different. It's like you're making me sound like her twin or something." she said, while sitting beside her cousin.
There was complete silence, until music came from the T.V, and a happy Kuki, was squealing, and singing to it.
"YEAH! IT'S RAINBOW MONKEYS!" squealed Numbuh three, while singing along with the T.V.
"AHH! PLEASE STOP! IT'S RUBBISH! IT'S TORTURE!" shouted Mai, while trying to take the remote from Kuki.
They all looked at the pair, (even Wally) she was right, they were absolutely different.
"So you hate them too, then?" asked Wally. (after Kuki got the remote back from her cousin)
"Hate them! HA! I despise them!" Mai said, while trying to cover her ears with pillows.
"Everyone in my family loves them, except from me and my little brother." said Mai.
"You mean even your dad and your mum loves them?" asked Numbuh four.
"Yes, and it's annoying, especially when my friends come over, and all they see is my mum, my dad, and my little sister singing along to the Rainbow Monkey song, and nothing can stop them, and I mean nothing!" she said.
There was a slight chill in the air. (maybe if Numbuh two, remembers to shut the windows.)
Then a loud beep broke the silence.
"Code Red! Sector V do you read me? Code Red! Numbuh One are you there? Is anyone there?" asked the boy, with glasses on the screen. (I forgot his number & name)
"Yes, I'm here. What is it?" asked Numbuh one.
"Sticky beard has taken over all of the candy shops in Cleveland." said the boy on the screen.
"We'll be on our way." Nigel said, while saluting the boy on the screen.
"Right team, we have to stop Sticky beard and his ship." said Numbuh one.
"Roger that." said all four of them.
They were about to leave, when they realised that Mai was still there.
"Emm Mai, we have to go now, do you mind if you wait here?" asked Kuki.
"It's alright, I'll be back tomorrow to say goodbye." she said, while smiling to her cousin.
She walked outside the tree house to find all five of Sector V in a flying, light green bus. She waved goodbye, while they zoomed through the air.
The next day, Mai came back over. She found Kuki with a plaster on her left knee, a bandage over Wally's head, and a large icepack on Hoagie's head.
"Emm, what happened here?" asked Mai.
"Ohh nothing you need to worry about. So why did you come back over today?" asked Numbuh one.
"I've came over to say goodbye to my cousin. I won't see her until Christmas." she replied. (by the way this is like a month before Christmas)
"Ohh right." he said.
Mai stayed until it was time for her mum, and dad to pick her up. She had a wonderful time, trying to teach Wally how to do Martial Arts.

-AC, Numbuh 6