Operation E.I.G.H.T.

Hi people I'm Ally, but people call me AC. I'm numbuh 6 of the KND. We in the KND are looking for operatives to join. We need four more.
Here is the audition:
1. Name (real or fake):
2. age:
3. Operative Numbuh (your numbuh):
4. what you like to wear:
5. your personality:
6. hobbies:
7. likes/dislikes/hates:
8. What you look like (hair color, eye color, etc.)
9. your skills:
10. Why do you want to be a member of the KND?:
11. Family (describe your characters family):
12. who do you have a crush on in the KND world?:
13. What member of the KND are you most like? Why?:
14. Picture (if you want one, send me a pic of what you want your character to look like):
15. Anything else that you want to add or you want me to know?:

End audition

Ok so if you want in this story them please audition!!! Just send me this info in a PM or comment!!! Thanks soooo much!!!! Anyone is welcome to audition!!!! :)
-AC Numbuh 6