When the group reached the ice cream joint (the newly-renovated Cold Stone...now with a huge kid's play area. <sigh> A girl can dream....), they found a big group of villains up to anti-kid junk.
"Awwwwwww! I was hoping we could just eat and NOT deal with this crap," Kacey whined, "All right, guys. Take your pick."
"Dibs on Stickybeard." Megan and Abby said.
"I call Grandma Stuffum." Hoagie called.
"I want KB." Kacey said, smiling evilly. She had plans for him....
"We got Toilenator." David, Maddy, and Christian said.
"We got-"
Kuki inturrpted Kiki and Wally.
" I got Fangface!" she snarled, obviously having a vendetta against him.
"Sweet! We don't have to do anything!" Wally cheered.
"Yes, you do! You have to help me keep Minerva and Li'l Fangface occupied." Kiki interjected.
Wally groaned and rolled his eyes and followed her into the playplace.
" Hey, Nosfera-Twerp!!! " Kuki yelled.
TC turned around, surprised.
"Woah!!", KB cried between punches, "When did Numbuh 8 go goth?"
Kuki looked down at her dark purple shirt. She looked back at KB and hissed. Then looked back at TC. He looked different; his widow's peak was disappearing little by little, his fangs were dulling down, his hair was growing longer (to the point where it was in an itty-bitty ponytail), he was wearing a black t-shirt (with a Rainbow Monkey on it), sunglasses, and black jeans rather than the vampire get-up, and he even had a bit of color on his face. In short, he kind of looked like a goth hippie.
"The NAME is Spankulot." he said.
"I don't care! Now are you gonna come quietly?"
TC smirked.
"MAKE me!" he taunted.
Kuki snarled like a wild animal and pounced on him.
Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Kuki beat the snot out of the Count. Even the kids in the play area (only Kiki and Wally,since they were shielding Minerva and Val's eyes from the carnage).
"Woah, woah, woah, Kuki!! That's enough! " Kacey shouted. She pulled her teammate off of the villian, who's cheeks (FACE cheeks, you sickos) were red, and he had a bloody nose.
"You didn't have to be so mean about it!" he cried.
Kuki looked at her slightly bloody knuckles.
"Call up Moonbase to take this guy away. I'm gonna wash this crud off."
The minute she walked into the bathroom, everyone started talking.
"Holy shiz-nit!!" Megan, David, Christian, and just about everyone else exclaimed.
"I told you something crawled up her butt and died!" Minerva added.
"....I don't think that's the cause of her new attitude." Maddy said.
"What do you mean?" Kacey asked.
"Well, there are two possibilities. One is the dreaded 'P' word-"
"You mean 'putzification'?" Val asked.
Everyone shot her a weird look.
"....It's a word...." she said.
"Is not!" Minerva yelled.
"It is NOW!" Val yelled back.
Maddy rolled her eyes.
"....Or Spankulocity Syndrome." she finished.
"WHAT?!" everyone asked.
Kuki then stepped out of the bathroom, smiling.
"So who wants ice cream!?" she squealed.
Everyone looked at her weird.
Kacey leaned in closer to Maddy.
"Tell me more about this later tonight at Lime Ricky's"
Maddy skimmed through her "KNDoctor's Guide To Diseases, Conditions, and Other Complaints".
"Let's see....'Sibling Rivalry'...'Soda Shock'....AHA! Here it is...."
"What does it say? TELL ME NOW, WOMAN!" Kacey demanded.
Maddy rolled her eyes and began reading:

"Spankulocity Syndrome is one of the most feared and newly-discovered diseases known to kid-kind. It is transmitted by the bite of a spank-happy vampire. The symptoms of disease are much worse in older children and mimic those of the early stages of puberty (mood swings, weird cravings, sudden increase in height.) Other symptoms include redness at the site of the bite (Hey, that rhymes!), personality changes (such as a shy kid becoming free-spirited and wild), and the development of vampire-like features (fangs, widow's peak, paleness, accent in the later stage). Treatment involves having the bite-ee bite the biter back OR a blood transplant. Without treatment, the disease progresses until the next full moon, where Spankulocity Shock takes place."

"What's that?" Megan asked.
Maddy continued reading:

"Spankulocity Shock takes place in the final stages of Spankulocity Syndrome. The symptoms are very severe, including seizures, thrashing, extreme mood swings, and eventually, the victim turns into a full-fledged spank-happy vampire, at which point, the syndrome is irreversible."

Everyone gulped.
"W-w-when's the next full moon?" Kacey asked.
".....12 days away." Kiki said.
"Well, we have plenty of time! We can fix it before then! Besides, it's probably not that. It's puberty!" Wally said happily, obviously in denial.
Ricky walked up.
"Refill, guys?" he asked.
Kiki handed him a piece of paper.
"Here's my karaoke pic." she said.
Ricky looked it over.
"Sorry, Keeks. We already have someone singing that."
The music started playing. Everyone looked over and saw....KUKI?
Kiki glared.
"No one sings INXS' Devil Inside but ME!"
She looked at Wally.
"Still think it's puberty?" she asked.
"Let's hope so...." Kacey put in.