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Codename: Kids Next Door Question

What is one of your favourite lines from the show? (You can add more than one if you want to)

I have heaps but one of them was said by Numbuhs 3 and 4 in Operation Z.E.R.O

Numbuh 4: "It's too quiet in here."
Numbuh 3: "No it's three quiet."
Numbuh 4: "Three quiet? What the crud is that supposed to mean?"
Numbuh 3: "It's one more than two quiet."


Numbuh 4: "We'll lose another forty two thirds within eleventeen minutes, leaving only one dollar and seven operatives left in sixty eight quarters of the world!" A

Also from Operation Z.E.R.O
 cartoonfangirl posted over a year ago
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Codename: Kids Next Door Answers

ilovesushi101 said:
This is one of my favourite lines from Operation T.R.E.A.T.Y

Numbuh 5: NO! Don't do it!

Numbuh 1: Why not?! Give me one reason why I shouldn't finish this traitor once and for all!

Numbuh 5: Because... He's one of us!

Numbuh 1: He's what?
Chad: I'm still a Kids Next Door operative. I always have been!

Numbuh 1: You expect me to believe that? After all the things you've done?!

Chad: Everything I've done is been to help the Kids Next Door!

Numbuh 1: Yeah right! Trying to send the moon base into the sun really helped us!

Chad: Cree was on her way to do the same thing, so I have to stop her! And today I was trying to warn Numbuh Infinity about the teens' trap, until you had to come and blow my cover! Practically every mission you and Sector V did, I was right there, helping from the sidelines... And you didn't even know it. But they still picked YOU instead of me!

Numbuh 1: Who picked me? The Splinter Cell?

Chad: There is no Splinter Cell you dupe! They just use that to cover their tracks!

Numbuh 1: W-Who did?

Chad: There are others. Others that Numbuh 362 doesn't even know about. Higher up than her... Higher up than us Teenage operatives.
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posted over a year ago 
rainbowmonkey said:
From Operation T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E.:

Numbuh 4: What did I do? Tommy's the one who built Trikezilla!
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posted over a year ago 
glelsey said:
Hmm. There are lots of lines I like - one of them in particular being the "three quiet" conversation you already mentioned!

From SPINACH: "Nobody ever expects the Spinach Inquisition!"

From CABLE-TV: "Aww! Now look what you done, you made me wet myself!"

And there's another conversation and I can't remember *exactly* how it's worded or which episode it's from, but I think it's from Operation SPROUT:
Numbuh 1: "Numbuh Two! I wanted to be at the treehouse ten minutes ago!
Numbuh 2: "Ten minutes ago coming right up!" (flies everyone to the treehouse)

Also most of the lyrics from the Spinach Inquisition song.
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posted over a year ago 
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