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Why did Disney make Bambi's antlers shaped like the letter C  trainman536 1 1064 18 days ago
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?  0o0o_megan_o0o0 13 14896 18 days ago
Classic Disney Spot Makeover {deadline - Feb, 1st} CLOSED  makintosh 12 1302 5 months ago
what is your top 10 fav disney movies?  sugarcane15 20 3546 10 months ago
Definition of 'classic'  housefrk 1 4044 over a year ago
Was Gaston actually evil?  MegaraRider 1 3314 over a year ago
Mulan and Pocahontas: The Forgotten Princesses  Sireenqueen 3 4053 over a year ago
Disney RP group seeking members  beautybeastfan2 0 1163 over a year ago
Disney Top Fives!  DarkSarcasm 8 2078 over a year ago
Top 10 Favorite Disney Princess?  emisa123 25 22425 over a year ago
Make Disney collage  JoyaCarouthers 0 3065 over a year ago
Top 10 Classic Disney Songs?  DarkSarcasm 19 6495 over a year ago
Classic Disney Icontest [Closed]  DarkSarcasm 34 5127 over a year ago
Classic Disney Screencaps: A Quick Reference  DarkSarcasm 16 7035 over a year ago
Classic Disney Picture Hunt  DreamyGal 829 204862 over a year ago
Favourites Game  milky-way 4 1751 over a year ago
Fox and the Hound  Heidihi2 1 2014 over a year ago
Classic Disney Icon Contest - Round 80: A Classic Disney icon without any characters  milky-way 315 39554 over a year ago
Did Dopey speak?!?  BuddyBoy600alt 0 1344 over a year ago
Mickey Mousecapade  BuddyBoy600alt 0 966 over a year ago
Guess the Character...(game)  betterthanlife 14 11222 over a year ago
DTV  BuddyBoy600alt 0 1170 over a year ago
Marsupilami  BuddyBoy600alt 0 1726 over a year ago
Top 10 Hottest Animated Disney Leading Men?  kateliness2 96 114569 over a year ago
Movie Reviews Game  milky-way 0 1340 over a year ago
This or That?  MrsWeasley13 16 2902 over a year ago
Classic Disney : Ask a character why (?)  cuteasprincie 2 2324 over a year ago
20 in 20 Icon Contest - Round 13: Open!  Jessikaroo 200 10419 over a year ago
Disney Movies  Sbells23 0 1224 over a year ago
20 in 20 Icon Contest: closed!  SweetPea2007 179 9673 over a year ago
NOBODY SAY FANTASIA!?!?!?!  unknownguy222 0 1446 over a year ago
Classic Disney 20 in 20 Icon Contest: Sign up for Round 9!  milky-way 818 31537 over a year ago
Quote Game  Maria7Potter 10 5032 over a year ago
Most Heartbreaking Disney Death Countdown; Suggestions Needed!  madisonsavanna 11 9037 over a year ago
Classic Disney Lyric Contest Round 3- When You Wish Upon A Star  BKG201 17 5164 over a year ago
Very picture from a classic Disney show  gleek219 0 679 over a year ago
Best Couple Contest Results  butterfly995 0 969 over a year ago
Classic Disney Icon Contest - Round 39: A Classic Disney Angry Character icon  BelleAnastasia 273 36029 over a year ago
Classic Disney: Make your Own Collage! Round 14:Pocahontas(Pocahontas))  cuteasprincie 99 25802 over a year ago
Top 10 Best Underrated Disney songs  sophiebridgers 1 2184 over a year ago
top 20 coolest animals in disney  sophiebridgers 0 904 over a year ago
Ursula's Contract (Hidden Message or Gibberish?)  alafastanzio 4 8221 over a year ago
Branded Fans.  lovexdisney 16 25007 over a year ago
Movie Elimination Game!  HotJugs22 10 1512 over a year ago
[CLOSED] Classic Disney Icon Contest - Round 19: A Classic Disney icon with a quote from a Pixar movie [CLOSED]  ppv 333 36908 over a year ago
Disney Desert Island  DarkSarcasm 18 1829 over a year ago
What Disney Animated Classics Do YOU Have???  loves-oth 7 1888 over a year ago
Most Romantic Disney moments  Takuya 5 12050 over a year ago
most underrated Disney movie?  Takuya 4 5952 over a year ago
10 Most Beautiful Disney Heroines  KataraLover 37 9429 over a year ago
Classic Disney Icon Challenge: Disney Concept Art  DreamyGal 82 11607 over a year ago
Disney On-Ice Princess Wishes is Coming to Youngstown, OH and Here's a Coupon  cinchris 0 1404 over a year ago
Hey disney fans! Check this out!  AgentMagicCoat 0 813 over a year ago
Beverly Hills Chihuahua  milanoanderson 2 1069 over a year ago
Who likes Enchanted?  LisaForde 8 1061 over a year ago
This is Just a presentation of My New Spot  BrosnanWoman 0 1356 over a year ago
Disney Caption Contest!  courtney7488 4 2571 over a year ago
Classic Disney A - Z  beefer 101 4870 over a year ago
The Best Word To Describe Contest- Round 3-Pinocchio(The movie)  BKG201 22 3180 over a year ago
Disney oldies  LisaForde 1 6860 over a year ago
your favourite disney movies 1-10  8339emma 32 11753 over a year ago
Classic Movies vs. New Disney Movies  tiz 22 12222 over a year ago
Why do you like Classic Disney films?  kateliness2 23 8352 over a year ago
Walt  lovexdisney 2 920 over a year ago
Top 12 Most Memorable Classic Scenes  AllegroGiocoso 4 5164 over a year ago
ATTENTION DISNEY FANS, NEW SPOT!!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 1016 over a year ago
Ever wonder about the title of the song "The Goose Steps High" from the Aristocats?  PiiXiiE 1 1530 over a year ago
The Emperor's New Groove is NOT a Disney Classic!  ilovefreddieh 11 1443 over a year ago
The "Part of your world" song is a good song for some other fictional characters.  Channon108 2 1154 over a year ago
'Top' fans.  ToastedRabbits 4 1219 over a year ago
Most Loved Song of Disney Classics  kateliness2 9 1170 over a year ago
When would you say Classic Disney stopped being made?  kateliness2 30 4991 over a year ago
The *OFFICIAL* List Of Disney Animated Classics!  loves-oth 0 7631 over a year ago
Top Disney Movies  ALetterToElise 2 1255 over a year ago
Did anyone see  LisaForde 0 1120 over a year ago
Attention Disney lovers  LisaForde 2 1026 over a year ago
New Images on this site  LisaForde 0 1398 over a year ago
Pending  Nav 7 1057 over a year ago
what is my name is ?  grease311292 0 992 over a year ago