I really couldn't narrow down a top 20 or 30 or even 10, so here's my top 5.

5."Hellfire" (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Holy catchphrase Batman, is this an evil song! I've never seen a disney song dive this far into the realm of PG ratings. This is a song about lust for a hot chick that Frollo (the most evil disney villain) met about 5 minutes ago, who stiffens his trouser wand and automatically makes him feel like he's filled with sin. This is an AMAZING villain song because he's not just like "I'm going to kill [insert protagonist here]". It's a passionate song about a man struggling to figure out what is evil, and when it seems he comes close to good, he falls back down into the pits of racism and corruption, and wishes her to be banished from the earth. What other disney song could implement rape and not have the tones picked up by young children but certainly identified by adults? Rape in a disney movie. How appropriate. But somehow it made it to the big screen. This song is like satan-flavored ice cream. Bad for you, but soooo delicious.

4."Part of Your World" (The Little Mermaid)
Okay, come on, anyone who knows me KNOWS that a little mermaid song has got to be on here. Ariel is my favorite disney character ever. I love this girl. And, though on principle, this probably wouldn't be my favorite song, I love this song. I just love it from start to finish. The lyrics are great, the whole scene is great, everything's great. Really. Even though as a kid I was like "this is boring. FAST FORWARD PLEASE." But I really love Ariel's drive and desrie in this song. I feel like this song perfectly encompasses her personality and I would like it TEN TIMES less if it wasn't in there.

3."I'm Still Here" (Treasure Planet)
Jim Hawkens is hot. Oh, wait, is he jailbait? Who cares, I think it's still legal. There has to be a four year age difference right? Anyway, he's the only cartoon guy I know who can pull off side bangs (not sideswept, literally bangs on either side of his head) and a rat tail and still be hot. Really. Now that that's been established, I freakin' love this songs. Usually I'm not too fond of the songs not sung by actual characters, but I LOVE this song. Love it. It's a beautiful tune, so passionate and sad at the same time...like when his father left him, I mentally cried. (I no longer can produce tears, a side effect of selling your soul. Another side effect is only being able to use toilet paper that's been rolled under.) I just love this movie as well, it's my second favorite disney movie. I just find this song so uplifting and empowering and in-your-face.

2."Why Should I Worry" (Oliver & Company)
What happens if you roll Steve Irkle, Russel Crowe, and Joan Rivers all in one? IDK, probably something really gross. What a weird fucking question. What happens if you roll the Fonz, Thomas O'Malley, and Danny Zuko all in one, you get Dodger from Oliver and Company. The coolest fucking dog on the block. I swear on the holiest pair of pants in the land, this dog is the coolest dog. Ever. Period. He would kick Garfield's ass up and down the block anyday. He could join in to the cast of West Side Story. Thus he sings the coolest song ever. Even the title just screams cool. Cool kids don't worry. They just comb their hair in a sideways stroke while looking bored, and occasionally heaving a sigh of discontent. This song is awesome. It screams awesomeness, it's so flippant and fun, and it has everyone joining in at the end. And of course, Billy Joel's voice adds about ten pounds more epic to it.

1. "I2I" (A Goofy Movie)
Wow...just, wow. This song. Is. Amazing. And some of you, actually, I bet most of you, probably didn't think this song would be first. But everything about this song is amazing. The Lyrics, the melody, the dancing....Powerline is the Michael Jackson of cartoon characters. His dancing is off the charts, as well as his singing. This song...just...blows my mind. I love it. I think it's a hit to every generation of kids.

There's my list. I actually have a youtube video that's gotten over 285,000 views about my Top 30 disney songs, although anything below the top 5 is DEFINITELY not set in stone.