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New member  joeven67 0 122 5 months ago
SIXTH 6 season??  TheaAmalias 0 2763 over a year ago
Cheap chuck DVD's (UK ONLY)  gleek47 0 2639 over a year ago
Ineed Your help  wanttomeetchuck 0 3525 over a year ago
Watch Free Online Chuck Season 5 Episode 7 MEGAVIDEO  alhoery 0 6416 over a year ago
Chuck season 5?  henkypenky 12 9776 over a year ago
Gen. Beckman and Langston Graham at Starbase Indy Dec. 9-11  janeway1701 0 2257 over a year ago
Vote 4 Chuck against Supernatural best TV show quarter final  TheChuck4Ever 0 1744 over a year ago
Zachary Levi video  twidow1984 0 1310 over a year ago
I am mad as hell that NBC is offing Chuck  hmoody 1 1520 over a year ago
SAVE CHUCK!  kuhriissten 10 1807 over a year ago
How do you think Chuck will end  huddygirl2 3 1299 over a year ago
I love this show but it has continuity and logic issues.  Councilman 20 2628 over a year ago
If Zachary Levi were to be chosen as a Marvel or DC superhero,who should he play?  AstroLove11 0 1071 over a year ago
Props and Play Music From Chuck!  chasingprops 0 922 over a year ago
Music on Chuck!  creactivator 0 1070 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the First Fight  Councilman 1 969 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror  Councilman 3 949 over a year ago
The 'Ultimate' Contest  Ellie311 12 1715 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Couch Lock  Councilman 3 1104 over a year ago
autographed Chuck stuff  loisirene 0 1413 over a year ago
Chuck Vs. the Coup D'Etat  Councilman 1 1227 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Suitcase  Councilman 0 1814 over a year ago
Christopher Lloyd at Star Trek Fan Days Oct 23 -24 in Dallas  koose 0 1213 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Anniversary  Councilman 4 1130 over a year ago
Music on Tonight's Premier!  Music_note81 0 1186 over a year ago
Can't wait to see the all new Chuck season four?  Councilman 2 1154 over a year ago
Season Premier Music!  PW_Music 0 980 over a year ago
Looking for something....from episode 3-15  LaFemmeNaKitty 0 679 over a year ago
How did you mat Chuck  huddygirl2 10 976 over a year ago
What do you think about Zach Levi singing on the show?  TeVaerua 0 1261 over a year ago
Chuck the Movie!!!  callum11 7 3013 over a year ago
Yvonne Strahovski on TV week awards in Aust  Deeney09 1 1423 over a year ago
Adam @ Sci-Fi Expo Dallas April 24-25  koose 0 937 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Other Guy  Councilman 3 1215 over a year ago
Who is going to turn up as Chuck and Ellie's dad?  Councilman 8 1085 over a year ago
Sarah and Chuck or Sarah and Shaw???  roguejedi73 2 1227 over a year ago
What happened to Chuck  Councilman 3 2611 over a year ago
Character Elimination Game!  NCIS1002 1 905 over a year ago
who do you think is better for Chuck? Jill or Sarah?  chuckfanatic 5 1627 over a year ago
Possible Spoiler: Chuck and Morgan don't add up.  Councilman 5 1121 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte  Councilman 4 929 over a year ago
Chuck Vs the Mask  Councilman 0 1027 over a year ago
Chuck Versus First Class  Councilman 1 898 over a year ago
Chuck Vs The Three Words  Councilman 2 789 over a year ago
Who dies in Season 3??? (Spoilers)  Sunnysun033 1 3870 over a year ago
Chuck Vs the Pink Slip  Councilman 0 1051 over a year ago
Only days to go. Are you ready?  Councilman 2 1392 over a year ago
Chuck Versus the Pink Slip; Airs: 1/10/2010  Councilman 1 1311 over a year ago
New Chuck info from Josh Schwartz  Councilman 0 1027 over a year ago
Scott Krinsky (half of Jeffster) live in LA  PennyStarrJr 0 846 over a year ago
Who else is ready for new episodes?  Councilman 0 530 over a year ago
Who will not be back Next Season?  Councilman 9 1751 over a year ago
And the WInner Is!  Councilman 0 514 over a year ago
Wouldn't you like to find that Zackary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski are a real item.  Councilman 17 5685 over a year ago
NSA OR CIA  callum11 0 612 over a year ago
Which Chuck character are you?  jakekutter 7 6440 over a year ago
Favorite Scene or portion there of.  Councilman 0 975 over a year ago
Favorite line in the show ever.  Councilman 0 974 over a year ago
Beauty is in the blind eye of the idiot squad  Councilman 2 3460 over a year ago
Season 3 time to speculate  Councilman 3 1040 over a year ago
Season 3??? (SPOILERS)  Sunnysun033 8 4630 over a year ago
Chuck fan video  2fast4u 0 826 over a year ago
SEASON 3 - THE WAIT WILL BE LONG....  Sunnysun033 0 954 over a year ago
They're BAAACK Chuck has been granted a third season.  Councilman 4 1042 over a year ago
Chuck Still On Monday Nights???  Sunnysun033 4 937 over a year ago
Take a look at what OLE posted  Councilman 0 1003 over a year ago
Last Ditch effort to SAVE CHUCK IS NOW  Councilman 0 710 over a year ago
Best actor in a supporting roll!  Councilman 0 795 over a year ago
Any guesses as to what's next for our hero trio?  Councilman 0 574 over a year ago
CHUCK TO BE CONTINUED!  Councilman 9 2295 over a year ago
Chuck Vs the Colonel Or is it Vs the Misdirect?  Councilman 5 1056 over a year ago
Chuck in the UK  jameswilson245 2 718 over a year ago
WAKE UP AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS!  Councilman 0 741 over a year ago
Chuck Vs The First Kill, It just gets better.  Councilman 2 659 over a year ago
Exclusive: Chuck moving to The CW?  Councilman 4 1583 over a year ago
CIA Director Graham in Dallas this weekend  koose 7 636 over a year ago
TIME TO SAVE CHUCK RIGHT NOW!  Councilman 2 742 over a year ago
Another way to help save Chuck  Councilman 0 630 over a year ago
Chuck might be dropped from Schedule  Councilman 7 1022 over a year ago
Chuck Vs The Dream Job  Councilman 2 645 over a year ago
Who the hell is in charge?  Councilman 0 550 over a year ago
Chuck Vs The Broken Heart or Tons of fun?  Councilman 0 620 over a year ago
Chuck Vs The Broken Heart Or Chuck Vs The Third Man  Councilman 1 664 over a year ago
Chuck Letter Writing Campaign  chuckfan1923 1 679 over a year ago
Chuck Vs the Predator  Councilman 0 740 over a year ago
Chuck Vs the Lethal Weapon  Councilman 2 801 over a year ago
It's no time to give up on the Fanpop forum  Councilman 0 553 over a year ago
Chuck Vs the Yoyo  Councilman 0 614 over a year ago
Deja Vu All Over Again or Parallax? Take 2  Councilman 2 802 over a year ago
Chuck writers are clever some times.  Councilman 1 1484 over a year ago
Chuck tells Sarah he Loves her Sort of  Councilman 1 951 over a year ago
Chuck & Sarah's First real kiss here in the Forum  Councilman 0 790 over a year ago
the KISS!!  tcvivrant 7 1510 over a year ago
Nicole Richie  Councilman 2 1098 over a year ago
Great twist I didn't see coming.  Councilman 0 970 over a year ago
OKAY I WAS WRONG  Councilman 1 1035 over a year ago
F.D.D. it's a sad situation  Councilman 0 1138 over a year ago
Do you want Chuck's family and friends to know that he is an agent?  Dark_Silence 6 1388 over a year ago
Red flags a plenty  Councilman 0 1077 over a year ago