I've always felt like I had weird taste but that's okay, what's the point of making a personal countdown then? This is just my opinion and it's all subjective so don't hate haha.

10. Kocoum
Kocoum has a great athletic body and like Nakoma, I find him handsome. I love how protective he is of Pocahontas and his people, he's just my kind of guy. I don't mind that he never smiles, he has a cute serious face haha.

9. Dr. Facilier
What? Dr. Facilier... really? Yes, he might not have the ideal body or the nicest facial hair but it somehow works for him. I don't know what it is that makes him attractive, it might be his deep sexy voice or maybe his smooth moves?

8. Phoebus
I don't have much to say about Phoebus other than I think he's pretty hot and deserves to be on this list haha.

7. Eric
He had to make the list, he has blue eyes and black hair haha. He might be a little generic looking but that's not always bad. I think he looks like a prettier version of Super-Man and Super-Man is a hunk.

6. Aladdin
Some may say he is just cute, nothing more... I can see where they are coming from. I don't usually like young looking boys but Aladdin's different I guess, haha. He has a great smile and great hair, he looks handsome to me.

5. Ramses
It's weird but I think he has a beautiful face, his features are interesting and his body is nice. He has a strong jaw line, high cheek bones and broad shoulders. He fits the tall, dark and handsome criteria. Plus, tortured bad boys are totally hot.

4. Flynn
He kind of reminds me of his voice actor, Zachary Levi, who is extremely roguishly sexy just like him :) I love his eyes; very expressive and detailed with a nice hazel-like color. Also, all of his other individual facial features are very handsome.

3. David
I think David is cute, hot and handsome at the same time and you can't go wrong with that. He's a surfer boy so he kind of has the whole package; tan skin, muscular body... fancy hair haha. But he's also not generic looking, I like that he is good looking in a unconventional way.

2. Shang
Shang is one of the sexiest things ever drawn on paper, he has the perfect body. Not to mention he also has one of the sexiest singing voices ever. Most complain about his face but I think it is insanely cute. I love his smile even though he doesn't smile much.

1. Dimitri
No surprise here from me. His defined facial structure, his floppy hair and his narrow eyes are what makes him so irresistible. While starting off as a jerk, he's always been incredibly charming and well mannered. Look-wise, he is perfection. I just think Dimitri is the epitome of handsome.