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Chlorine gas can be prepared in laboratory with hydrochloric acid and manganese-dioxide.


Put manganese lump in a round flask , now put concentrated hydrochloric acid into the round flask with thistle funnel and fit the flask with cork having a hole ,Now attach a tube into the hole of cork and leave to tube into an empty container,so the gas can be collected.The container must be sealed with cork having only one hole for the attachment of tube (from flask to container).Set the apparatus and there should be no leakage.Now heat the manganese lump and hydrochloric acid with a bunsen burner...
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Particle physics usually has a hard time competing with
politics and celebrity gossip for headlines, but the Higgs
boson has garnered some serious attention. That's
exactly what happened on July 4, 2012, though, when
scientists at CERN announced that they'd found a
particle that behaved the way they expect the Higgs
boson to behave. Maybe the famed boson's grand and
controversial nickname, the "God Particle," has kept
media outlets buzzing. Then again, the intriguing
possibility that the Higgs boson is responsible for all the
mass in the universe rather captures the imagination,
too. Or perhaps we're...
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What are the most important scientific
discoveries of all time? The answer might
include Copernicus's idea that the sun is
at the center of the solar system,
Newton's laws of motion, Mendeleev's
periodic table of elements, Einstein's
theory of relativity and Darwin's theory of
evolution. There are numerous great
scientific discoveries that have
significantly influenced the way we think
and live throughout history. 100 Greatest
Discoveries recounts the 100 most
important scientific discoveries of all time
and explains them with historical re-
creations, archival footage and interviews
with scientists.
100 Greatest...
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