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Recap: In the first part to this story, we introduce Sakura, her father, brother, and Kero the guardian beast. We also learn about Sakura's strange dream and she and Kero are hoping to find evidence or the solution to this strange intermission. And their primary stop is at Penguin Park.

Out in Penguin Park, Sakura and her best friend, Madison had just arrived to the park.

Madison: You know Sakura, it's okay if we can't go the museum.

Sakura: I know. I'm just really sorry we had to cancel it. I will make it up to you, I promise.

Madison: *Smiles* You do not have to worry about it.

Kero: *Slipped...
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In downtown Reedington, the city and parks are very quite. Night is still around and nothing but the sounds of crickets and frogs are heard in the darkness. These creatures are not the only ones who are up and about. At Penguin Park a few feet away from the huge penguin slide, a myserty thing is pirching on a nearby tree. The thing happens to be a bird of somekind but is not known on what it is. The question is that: what would a bird like this strange one be doing in Reedington? All of that will have yet to come. The bird suddenly flapped its wings and left the tree and flew out of the park...
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Hello CC fans. I have wrote this article to report something of a miss and something odd that I recently discovered. Apperantly, the Nelvana website just removed their Cardcaptors site for reasons unknown. This is tragic for me because sense I first got to knowing about this series in 2007, I always enjoyed coming to this website. I even downloaded something very special from this excat same website too- a desktop background theme that was not only the finest thing I have ever seen, but something for the ultimate Cardcaptor fan to enjoy.

I know now that for most of you all, this is very bad....
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Night was about to arrive in the town square. Out in Penguin Park, Sakura, Madison, and Kero were planning out the idea of what to do.

Sakura: *Looks at her costume*

Madison: *Video taping Sakura while smileing* Arent you glade I kept that costume all this time for you?

Sakura: *Laughs nervosly while giggling* Yeah...

Kero: Alright guys, enough fooling around. We've got to come up with a plan on how we are going to find Kasey and to cure his rabies.

Suddenly, two voices were heard from a distance. It was Li and Melin who also arrived in the park as well.

Sakura: Li? Melin?

Li: Sakura, Melin and...
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Morning finally comes along. But Sakura however is busy dreaming again. Only this time, it is the same dream she has last night.


As Sakura and the gang were being chased by Kasey, the big cat kept pouncing and leaping many feet in the air, hoping to catch up with them much faster than he usually runs. After several miles of running through the town, Sakura, Madison, and Melin climbed up a tree. It was their only safe place to hang for a while.

Sakura: *Pants*

Kero: This is getting more serious than usuall. If we can't fight him then we must used the Clow Cards....
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After working so hard for the past couple of days, I have finally got EVERY episode to show up on this spot and I am proud to say that the episodes are now opend to be viewd on this spot by all! =D

You can now start watching Sakura's greatest adventure on how she became a Cardcaptor at first and then becoming known as Master of the Clow. Meet Madison, Li, Melin, Kero, and the rest of the gang as you experince thorugh these episodes like never before! Now in high quality and in the correct episodic order.

So, for all you Cardcaptor fans, come on down to the video spot and start your own Cardcaptors adventure marathon like never before! =D
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Sakura was having a dream in her sleep. In this little dream, she along with her friends, Madison, Kero, Li, and Melin were all gazing down at a large big cat, which was Kasey, Sakura's other beest friend but also a pet and guardian of the Clow Cards as well. Anyway, the reason why they were staring at him was because he was moaning in serious pain. He was also losing his powers.

Sakura: Kasey! No! *Tries to run to him, but was grabbed by Li*

Li: Sakura, don't get any closer to him!

Sakura: *Groans while trying to pull* But...he needs my help. *Groans*

Li: *Groans too while not letting her go*...
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Audeinces everywhere, I would like to announce the grand annocument of my very first Cardcaptors fanfic, "Lost Friends".

In this story, Sakura has a weird feeling of magical powers lurking around in her side of the town. It even becomes worse when her best friend, pet, and guardian beast partner, Kasey, has rabies, which causes him to loose all of his powers and puts him in a rampage. Can Sakura ever find a way to get her best friend back?

I don't know yet when I am planning on making this story, but I am planning to start working on it very soon. Until now, I hope you guys will look forward to this story.
That is correct. After a long time of browsing through video websites, I, Animefan66, give to you Cardcaptor fans the element of suprise. "Cardcaptors", the entire episode count now only on this famous fanspot!

Ever wanted to learn more about the series? Or get a chance to experince on what it was like when you were younger and when you always used to watch it all? Well, worry no longer folks. As promised by me, I will try to find, locate, and uplaod all the episodes as soon as I can. =)

So far, Episodes 1 through 8 have been uplaoded. The remaining episodes are bound to come up very soon. So, stay tuned until then.

For now, I would like to deticate all you Cardcaptor fans out there for giving this spot good support. =D

Keep watching for episode updates coming to you soon only on the "Cardcaptors (English Dub) spot"
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