Buffy the Vampire Slayer My Favorite Random Moments...Yours? (From Buffy AND Angel)

Pick one:
Angel runs into the doorway
Oz Panicking
Angel/Buffy dance at prom
Spike and the Boba Fett figurine
April throws Spike through the window
Spike and his "pride"
Spike vs Nikki Wood
Spike wants to bring his mom with him and Dru
Spike sings "Rest in Peace"
Tara sings "Under Your Spell"
Buffy vs Faith
Xander saves Willow
Angel jealous over Owen
"You're a bloody puppet!"
Vampire Xander and Willow
Buffy and Spike are "engaged"
Wesley doesn't pick up Fred's signals...
Giles attempts to kill the Mayor
Cordelia and Wesley
Buffy and Spike in "Smashed"
Spike's Speech to Buffy then staying the night
Doyle sacrifices himself :(
Doyle and Cordelia kiss
Spike's imitation of Angel
Angel attacks the fridge
Dennis (Cordy's Ghost)
Angel sings "Mandy"
Wesley and Cordy impersonate Angel and Buffy
 Rayefire posted over a year ago
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