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part one of the dailies for wrecked
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Author's Note: This is set after Chosen. Spike died, but Sunnydale wasn't destroyed. The gang ended up saving it. Anya also didn't die. Spike was with Angel and company until he wasn't a ghost anymore, then he came here. Basically, almost all of the scoobies are away some where in the world, doing missions, and currently the only ones still in Sunnydale at the moment are Buffy & Dawn. Everyone else is off. Oh and in this story, Dawn is off somewhere in SD. Don't ask me why :) I just needed her out of the house.

There he was. Standing there. With his hands in his pockets, appearing to look...
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You know you’re a Buffy fan when…

You can sing all the songs from “Once More with Feeling” from memory…and if you can’t you stare at the words until they are engrained in your brain.

You can quote Buffy verse that is appropriate for every moment…and your friends look at you like you’ve grown a third eye.

You spend your grocery money on the complete Buffy series boxed set

You stay up till 2 in the morning watching reruns on fanpop

You spend hours searching for the imitation Claddagh ring Kohl’s has in their jewelry department

You decide to take up ice skating after watching “What’s...
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"We're Family" (image credit: stillamempty @ LJ)
"We're Family" (image credit: stillamempty @ LJ)
First let me clarify the title of this article. I did not mean BtVS fans who have "diehard" metals on Fanpop. I mean BtVS fans who truly appreciate the show, and who stubbornly and vigorously defend it. The people who live their lives consumed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Whenever I meet someone that loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer... or even just likes BtVS... or even someone who goes "oh yeah I saw that show a couple of times. it was pretty cool." I get so excited. Firstly, this is because I think the show is a masterpiece and deserves to be seen by as many viewers as possible. But secondly,...
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