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20.Spike & Harmony. Please don't kill me...but I hated Harmony in that relationship. It wasn't until the episode, "Disharmony" in Angel that I found out how funny she was. But while she was dating Spike...I was just as annoyed by her as Spike was. And I was pretty annoyed at Spike for going for a chick like that. I mean, sure. They were funny at some points, but the two characters are WAY funnier standing on their own. I just hated this couple. Ugh.

19.Wesley & Cordelia. Haha, I don't really hate this couple. It's just...they weren't magical. They were hilarious, yes, but definitly not...
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Hey fans, I have been thinking a lot about this ever I watched "True Blood" a show that is based on Charlene Harris book series of Sookie Stackhouse. The show does in fact have very common things towards Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

From both series do envolve vampires, vampire couples,staking vampires, and other supernatural things. Also Buffy the Vampire Slayer does have vampires with souls but not in True Blood. And True Blood talks about Vampires that are known out in the world. Like everyone knows about vampires that do exist.

Relationships on True Blood

In the show has two things are very close...
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