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Hey, for the past seven years of Slaying for Buffy Summers. She has been through a lot of problems towards men. For my other article "Buffy's Past Relationships". Buffy was in a lot of pain and suffering.

I have been thinking through this out. When she had first relationship with Angel. The first vampire she incounter when she was training to be a slayer. Angel was really emotional towards her. Lots of jealous,afraid of that he might her,shakey vampire,and deny that he loves her. The relationship between Angel and Buffy was about "True Love" the beginning of it. Buffy was realizing from Angel...
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While watching my DVD set box for Season Four of "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER", I came across this Thanksgiving episode called (4.08) "Pangs" and wrote the following article about it:


Season Four has never been that popular with fans of "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER". It was the first season that did not feature the vampire Angel as a regular character. And it marked the beginning of Buffy Summer's romance with university teaching assistant/Army demon hunter Riley Finn. And many fans were not that thrilled by the Initiative storyline. I have never...
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