Buffy the Vampire Slayer More Buffy/Angel fans, or Buffy/Spike fans?

tisha posted on Feb 03, 2008 at 05:53PM
Out of the entire shipper population, which one is greater? The picks on fanpop don't really prove anything, as there are different results. In one poll, Bangel is the majority but in another Spuffy is. I wish there was a way to know.
I think there are more Buffy/Angel fans, but the Buffy/Spike fans speak out more because they want to prove that Buffy is in love with Spike.

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over a year ago Kirsty said…
Nothing against Spuffy, but I'm a Bangel fan first and foremost!
over a year ago tisha said…
Same here. I love Spike as a character (most of my favorite funny quotes are from him) but him and Buffy just don't belong together. Buffy & Angel all the way!
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
i dont really like spike post season 4 i liked him bad! bangel was the better couple and they came at a better time in the series and surronded by so many other great couples xander and cordy, willow and oz, spike and dru!
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
oo and giles and jenny
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
In the online community, it seems to be pretty much even. There are a lot of Bangel Vs. Spuffy picks on Fanpop and a lot of the same polls on the Internet and they always come out pretty even, with both couples ending up on top in varying polls. In real life, all of my Buffy-fan friends (and I have a good number of them) are Spuffys. I wonder why that is.
over a year ago tina_1989 said…
she did not even love spike. helloo people, don't make up staff.
she is in love with Angel in the whole serie
kah1234567 commented…
em she did love spike it was confirmed by Joss and the series she did and did she always love angel she sent him away lol and chose spend what could been her last nights with spike over a year ago
over a year ago Angie22 said…
Spuffy!;)she loved Spike too but different than Angel!Everyone remember first love and is different than late love.U can't to compare first love with second or third love.Every love is true but not the same!
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over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
ive about five friends who like buffy (i know hardly any of my mates watch it)and i dont mean they all watch it ll the time some of them just enjoy to watch it when its on, but out of them only one of them is a spuffy fan the others have always been bangel, they all like spike but with drusill more!
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
also she never actually loved spike even spike knew she didnt love him it was just plain physical attraction which is what she needed at the time a way to escape everything!
kah1234567 commented…
hello she did love spike, buffy said it and meant it, the series and Joss confirmed she loved Spike over a year ago
over a year ago Angie22 said…
in season 6 maybe but in season 7 no.U haven't right;)
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over a year ago tina_1989 said…
she says i season 7 in chosen i love you but spike can tell she does not mean it, not like pure love she meant something like physical attraction like x-missmckena-x said.
kah1234567 commented…
ffs Joss confirmed Buffy did love Spike, Buffy was crying and said i love u i think knew buffy meant it but it like someone else said so it be easier for buffy to leave him over a year ago
over a year ago Serienjunkie91 said…
I really like both pairings, but Bangel is better. ^^
over a year ago amazondebs said…
tina have you ever thought he said that to make it easier on buffy?
anyways i agree with nosemuffin i think the fans are split personally i like bangel but it's just all so clique and their so melodramatic, but i think spuffy has a lot more depth and a hell of a lot more passion and you can interpret so much stuff from it.
I love in "the zeppo" that scene where buffy and angel are having a big dramatic arguement and it's just like the show is completley taking the micky, it's ace
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
Besides the amazing chemistry and amusement, the reason I'm more Spuffy than Bangel is the development of the relationship. Bangel really didn't have that. It felt assumed to me, not earned.

And she DID love him, she showed that in so many ways in season 7. She was all about Spike!
over a year ago amazondebs said…
high five nose muffin!
over a year ago NikaDawson said…
I've always been a Spuffy, but I don't need them to end up together in the comics. Bangel, I never liked (no offense to Bangels cause I really don't want to incite a shipper war), but it was first love and they never really knew each other.

But I don't need Buffy to be in love with Spike, in fact I would be content if she just thought of him as a best friend and respected him. I don't need them to be soulmates because they're not. They're not meant to be. They're equals and they understand each other and that's what I liked about them, that they're not perfect for each other.

I do think in the end she did love him, maybe not as much as she loved Angel, but she did love him. In season seven he was the only one she really trusted, the only one who had her back and that she knew would always be there. I was never in it for her though, I was in it for him. Because he loved her so much.

But I was happy that he didn't go back to her in Angel Season Five. All his unlife he'd been defined by the women he loved, Drusilla, Buffy, even Dawn. It's time he figured out how to be himself.

I think Jane Espenson said it best when she said, "Some would say that Angel and Buffy really had more of an idealized first love while Spike and Buffy have the more adult, messy kind of love which is more realistic. That's right, It's not idealized and it's just so often ugly but when James Marsters does stuff when you look in his face and you go 'Oh, my god. He loves her so much!'"

"How do you follow-up her romance with Angel? I like the romance with Spike better. I'm more interested in the heat between those two characters because I felt Buffy and Angel had romantic love. Spike and Buffy have something so much more complicated that it's got that romance and all this other stuff on top of it which makes it so interesting for me."

But Angel and Buffy have both moved on, Angel was in love with Cordelia, and before that there was Darla. A lot of the Spuffy's I know don't need to prove that Buffy loved Spike, in fact a good majority of them believed that she didn't.

I do wish though that Bangels and Spuffy's could co-exist peacefully. Everyone sees and interprets things differently and I do wish that some shippers (not insinuating anyone) would stop telling fans of other ships that they are wrong because everyone has their own opinions and their own likes and dislikes.

I know Joss once said he thinks his fan base is divided up fifty-fifty between Spuffys and Bangels but I don't think that's true. I think only about twenty five percent is a Spuffy or a Bangel and the rest have no interest in either. I have one friend who hates the character Buffy with a passion and would much rather Spike and Angel be with someone else, because she adores them both. I don't care if there are more Bangels than Spuffy's or more Spuffy's than Bangels. I love my ship, but I don't need it to be validated or proven.
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over a year ago Joker said…
I think we all know my thoughts on this...out of all my friends who watched Buffy though, some male and some female, all of them except me stopped watching it during Season 5 because they said it had gone downhill.

My problem with Spuffy is that I was totally unconvinced by either's actions. Why would Buffy fall for somebody she detests and why would a demon betray everything that is natural to him? He has no soul to force the change so wherein lies the logic??? Made no sense to me at all. I think that's the basic point that everybody misses. People say Bangel was not earned but why completely out of the blue did Spike decide he loved Buffy? He's trying to kill her about 3 months before!!

That's why I can't get on board with the relationship, because I never felt it would happen. I hated Briley...but I understood it, Spuffy was just something that to me was an easy and lazy way of keeping Spike on the show.
over a year ago amazondebs said…
woa nika dawson go you
i agree with practicaly everything you have just said!
although as you all know me and the joker like to have a little debate about it but i hope none of you bangel fans think i'm trying to be nasty or change your mind
if you hang around the debate which i know a couple of you do you'll know i just can't help myself

okay all the best most interesting couples on shows hate each other to begin with (e.g. xander and cordy)
have you ever meet anyone who you hate like hate with a passion
and have it turn in to something else?
i have, and it didn't even compare than any relationship with anyone who I'd instantly clicked with

and as nikadawson said joker it does make sense and it's constantly growing and changing

i love all buffy fans though and i do love bangel (most of the time) but it doesn't grip me to the telly like spuffy does
over a year ago scififan said…
I'm a Bangel fan all the way. The Briley relationship was so, so and the Spuffy one just confuses me. I've always felt that Spike wasn't really in love with Buffy, at least in the early part of their relationship. I mean, Angel says sometime in his show that it wasn't capable for him to love when he was Angelus cuz he didn't have a soul. Well Spike doesn't have his soul, so how could he love Buffy. Spike realizes he has "feelings" for Buffy after he has hot dreams of her. That's no love...that's lust. After Spike got his soul, I believe he truly cared for Buffy, but she didn't love him. When you're in love with someone, you don't go around smoochin' with your ex (the amazing Angel/Buffy kiss in End of Days). Buffy was in love with Angel the whole time she was with Riley and Spike. Riley knew that Buffy didn't love him and Spike didn't care if Buffy loved him or not...he just wanted to be with her. Ahhhh well. That's why I'm a Bangel fan. Rereading this I realize that I've got to work on not being so opinionated. I really don't want to start a war, just like a bit of friendly debate. I guess I agree with amazondebs on this one...

i love all buffy fans...but spuffy/briley just doesn't grip me to the telly like bangel does.
kah1234567 commented…
i disagree, Joss confirmed Buffy did love Spike, and buffy said it was like a hello kiss (weird) but whatever in the end it was spike she chose as her champion and sent angel away and chose have spike by her side and not angel , and the spike and buffy hand clasp showed she loved spike, i feel her and angel had moved on tbh over a year ago
over a year ago NikaDawson said…
Spike didn't decided out of the blue that he loved Buffy. The writers have said many times that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her.

And you don't think he loved her? He let Glory beat him up and never said a word because it would hurt Buffy, he was a demon he would have been fine if hell came to earth. He was prepared to die for her in The Gift to protect Dawn because he loved her. He dreamed about saving her everynight after she dies. And the look he gives her when she's coming down the stairs, that's pure love.

Bangel never gripped me to the telly, I don't mean to offend any Bangels but I found it a very boring story line. The only scoobie relationship I liked in the first season and the first half of the second season was Giles/Jenny.

In answer to what amazondeb asked, the one person who I really connected with the most was the guy I use to hate so much. Hate/Love, there's a very thin line between them, and it's all mixed together with the chemistry and passion between both. He was probably one of the only people who understood me.

But I'm also going to respectfully back out of this forum.
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over a year ago amazondebs said…
i know right in the first season we meet "Malcolm" that demon in "i robot you Jane" witch live from love
spike and Drusilla love each other
in a strange father daughter way so do faith and the mayor
in any decent monster sci-fi book or show monsters can love and that's how it is in Joss's world too
also James marsters has always said that he played up to the thin line between love and hate and in the first episode where he's watching her he was playing up to the 'guy on the prowl' so there has always been that chemistry

vis a vi (i don't actually know what this means)evidence that it was possible for spike to completely love Buffy, when he actually starts to, well that is your own opinion
over a year ago Joker said…
Nika - As I've said a million times though, it wasn't the actions...Spike's actions are certainly ones of love (Anya & rape aside) but my point is the fact that I couldn't invest in it because I didn't believe it.

People say Spike was in love with Buffy from the moment he saw her...erm ok, he tries to kill her about 15 times before we get to the dream in S5. Now I may be getting confused in my old age but I don't think that's love.

It's because I find both Spike and Buffy's actions wholly unconvincing that I don't like the relationship. Every time one or the other does something (apart from S7) in a 'lovey' kind of way I'm always like, "THEY WOULDN'T EVEN DO THAT!". It's not the relationship or the character, I've said before I like Spike...it's because I think the writing and creativity got really lazy and overlooked everything they'd said before to keep Spike on the show.
over a year ago i_luv_spike said…
sorry people but i am a spuffy lover all the way, the relationship with angel was boring, the relationship between spike and buffy was very good the writing and everything people say it wouldn't happen but my opinion is that if it hadnt been for spike n buffy relationship i wouldnt be as big of fan. also after buffy came back in season 6 the only person that could understand her was spike. we know buffy did love spike but she loved angel more but i think angel and cordy are more suited. and i didn't like briley.

anyway spuffy all the way but if it was up to me and i had to choose it would have to be spike good or bad he is great and gorgous

over a year ago amazondebs said…
personally i don't find the relationship between bangel believable, it's too clean, too love at first sight,

and the writers were not lazy they decided to try something different, something that brought a whole new load of fans to the show
over a year ago H-ughlaurie-H said…
I loved the relationship between buffy and spike,but I've seen that it's finished in an orrible way...I thought that buffy wanted him.
After all,people love suspence and it was ovious that the story had to finish bad.
Now I'm a spike fan...as vampire and as actor.
over a year ago Joker said…
Debs - Yeah they may have brought new fans in...but they lost a lot of the old ones too. That's why viewing figures dropped and the show finished.

Lets face it, most of you are Spuffy fans because you think Marsters is hot...now I'm not gonna say that all the female Bangel fans aren't exactly the same but from a personal point of view as I am not attracted to either I'm gonna say that I'm the only impartial judge. : )
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over a year ago adwbuffy said…
Same here I think Buffy and Angel still love each other. Even though it looks like that Buffy loves Spike. Besides Buffy used Spike . Then Spike raped her . But Angel cares for Buffy all the way.
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
actually joker thats a good point cause i dnt think james marsters in hot enev have done but i used to be like proper in love with david, well not love u kno that child fancying a tv star kinda love! lol! so i do think that pays a major part in the decision!

and going back to the lovly debate which i think we all know ill never be settled, i think im startin to see where you spuffiers are coming from but im still not convincd it was love that buffy actualy felt! yer she said it to spike on the last episode but im thining that she did because she wanted to justify to herself that the reason she kept having sex with him and did care about him was because she loved him, but i mean looking back at her relesionship history she isnt a very good judge of everything! im making sense in my head god know what it sounds like to all of you!
over a year ago Joker said…
I can understand why Buffy would feel something for Spike in S7, he's get everything she looks for in a man...bad man, seeking redemption...she loves that stuff!!

That's what I mean though, for Buffy to feel that they basically turn Spike into Angel (almost).
over a year ago amazondebs said…
yes i am a huge james marsters fan but give us lasses some credit lol

again i will state spike never became anything like angel, he was completely different, he sought he own soul, he stilled loved the kill, he didn't leave, so give joss and the writers some credit lol

i do think buffy loved spike, obviously angel will always be her first love and probably her greatest love, as miss mkena said it will never be settled as if joss decided to do something to settle it in the comics he would have a uproar from at least half the fans
over a year ago tisha said…
wow amazondebs, I don't think you've ever admitted before that angel will always be buffy's greatest love! lol :D
I think Joss will EVENTUALLY settle it though. I mean, the comics aren't going to be continued forever, as a matter of fact, they'll probably end it with Buffy becoming cookie dough. Ooooh... I'd hate it if they left the question open of who she is going to pick.
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
"Lets face it, most of you are Spuffy fans because you think Marsters is hot".... okay, no.
I mean he is hot, especially as Spike, but that's not it. It's mainly because he has something called depth. You get to watch to him fall for Buffy over the course of several seasons. Honestly... that's why, I don't see why you just don't understand that yet Joker. With Spike we get to see the process that we never get to see with Angel. It's simply spoken with Angel, "I love her" Yeah Angel, I'll bet you do.
over a year ago amazondebs said…
i know tisha i feel like i have taken a great step in my 12 step how to quit spuffy plan lol :)
i'd laugh if instead of upsetting half of the fans, joss decides to upset all of them and put her back with parker or something lol tbh i think it's looking good for xander in the comics, which as some of you may know i'm not exactly gona be a fan of but at least that relationship has grown

agreed nosemuffin, the reason why i am not a huge bangel fan is because i hate the whole falling in love at first sight, it's just urgh! *inserted obscene word*
they have no reason to start their relationship, it's not realistic, it's what i call a dreamers relationship
don't get me wrong i sometimes like them types relationships

it's just that when i do, it's normally in a disney film
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over a year ago amazondebs said…
*wonders if that was a cheap shot*
*decides marsters is too fit to care*
over a year ago buffyfan said…
i didn't like the relationship...everyone thinks that he is so great, but he isn't. ANGEL IS!!!
over a year ago tisha said…
oh god, not Xander! And it would be just like Joss to do something crazy like put Buffy back with Parker, lol
Wait.... that isn't funny! I'd die!
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
Exactly Debs. Bangel is the kind of the relationship shown in Disney movies. The unreal, idealistic kind that teenage girls have their first naughty dreams about. No offense Bangel fans, I know that's only a percentage. And the writers actually said it, I'm just quoting them, with a tad bit of embellishment. ;)
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over a year ago amazondebs said…
lol nosemuffin!
okay ans just to clarify angel is not so great, i accept that some people prefere bangel to spuffy but as far as how interesting characters are in a debate of spike vs angel,
spike would win hands down everytime, as mosemuffin said angel was written as that role and that characters to make the show popular
over a year ago NikaDawson said…
About that 'most of you are Spuffy fans because you think James Marster's is hot'. It's ridiculous. I've read an excellent essay by Barb Cummings on season six, and she's a lesbian, but she likes Spuffy, and it's certainly not because she thinks he's hot.

And yeah, I think he's hot. The cheekbones alone, but that doesn't make me a Spuffy fan.

Bangel is the Disney relationship, the 'eternal love at first sight' spiel. I've never met anyone who stayed with their first love, never. People grow apart and become different, they move on. And as for love at first sight, I don't believe in that either, I believe in lust at first sight, but love comes after you get to know the person on the inside, not just their looks.

And honestly, Joss might decided to make them all move on and give Spike, Angel, and Buffy different relationships. Actually, Angel has already moved on, everyone always forgets Cordelia.
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over a year ago amazondebs said…
lol everyone's attacking that quote, i wonder where joker is, i bet he fancies david secretly :P
over a year ago tisha said…
haha lol
over a year ago Joker said…
Doyle: Angel needs to start charging. He just hates bringing up the financees with the clients. He like playing the hero, - walking off into the dark with his long coat flowing behind him in a mysterious and attractive way.
Cordy: Is this a private moment? Because I can leave you alone.

Honestly, not attracted, just thought this was kinda funny here! I'm glad my little comment got all your feathers ruffled a bit. : ) Gotta get back to work now, I'll be back on Friday with some form of reply...I know you'll all be on the edge of your seats now! lol.

over a year ago amazondebs said…
*buys popcorn for Friday*
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
wow i have never felt like such a child until everyone compared one of my favorite tv relesionships to disney, which i admitt i am in love with! ok that makes sense as to why i was attracted to it, i am that typical hopeless dreamer, which is (dont hit me fellow bangelers) probably what the rest of bangel community is! but its tv not real life so i say its good to have that kind of relesionship on tv and imagine if that was your first love! wow! and then angelus appeared! wow wow! omg im off dreaming now!
ooo are we starting a spike vs angel debate as well! question, when you say angel do we include angelus? cuz if so it makes it alot more harder for me not to say angel
and to comment back i know alot of people whose parents were each others first loves! yes it does still happen! and no they didnt meet in the middle ages when divorce was looked down upon! isnt it just nice to try to imagine ever having a relesionship like that!
and for my final point! please no to xander and buffy, thats just ew! but that would majorly piss off angel and spike! oooooooo!
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over a year ago amazondebs said…
no i do not include angelus as angel as for some reason angel is a bit skitz,
even if we were including angelus (and i love angelus) i still think spike is more interesting

i know what you mean about wanting that tv relationship but i always love thing that are more erm.... i dunno what the word is, i guess gritty?

can i just ask any bangel fans if they think angel sometimes acts too mature for buffy?
i don't mean the whole he's 26 she's 14 thing, i mean he just actually acts well like a wise man sometimes in comparison to buffy's high school spirit, you know?
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
oh yer more in season 1 though, its like her young american ways start to rub off on him the more time he spends with her!

i hav to say i usually do prefer the gritty stuff but i think as i started to watch buffy in my more innocent days my opinions stayed, im not saying that if i was older i would prefer spuffy because i cant say that for sure! but funnily enough i loved xander and cordy and they were always mroe spuffy than bangel! maybe i only like my one set of argumentitive couples on a show! i think its just that whole disney aspect that does capture me with bangel and that they made their love more obvious, and that it wasnt just sex sex sex like spufy (season 6) evon though i will remeber you is kinda like that!
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
do you think jokeris a fan of bangel because hes a disney fan too! ha! sorry joker i just had to say it! :)
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
Awe Missmckena, it's okay. While I do think that for the most part Bangel fans are hopeless dreamers, I think that there must be something wrong with us Spuffy fans. We're probably sick and demented, as Debs has said in the past, to be shipping such a twisted relationship, especially as hard as we do.
My guess would be that truly well-adjusted people ship Briley if anything. And as you can see, there are quite few of those.
over a year ago NikaDawson said…
I was on a lot of boards that have fans that use to ship Bangel but as they got older started to ship Spuffy, because they found it more grown up and a realistic relationship. I'm not saying that's all of them, but just some. And there's many Spuffy moments in the show in season six that aren't just sex, it's just the sex got highlighted the most. Before the sex up to Tabula Rasa they had some really beautiful moments, and even after that.

I think I love Spuffy so much because of him, the way he loves her and just what he does because of that love. I find I think I prefer the unrequinted love more than the fantasy disney love that I just think is completely unreal. People loving someone so strongly and having them not return the feelings, well that happens more often than not.
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over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
ohhhhh sorry i forgot this before until i just wrote it on the ultimate question bangel or spuffy on bangel vs spuffy but, ok i was watching 'i only have eyes for you' season 2 last nite and its just after the spirits have lft angelus and buffy and there still kissing and slowly beign to stop and just look at each and its not until she ses angel that hes realised whats just happened! at that point i think that angelus had some sort of attraction to buffy as spike did in early season 4! adn so he plays up to the eurgh kinda thing but i think that if wed seen a bit more of angelus and buffy in those situations or if angelus had the chip in his head that would have been a preety fascinating relesionship and id stil be able to be a bangel shipper! any thoughts?