Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spuffy 5in5 Icon Contest Round 5 (DEADLINE: CLOSED)

brileyforever77 posted on May 18, 2013 at 09:57PM
So, in this contest there will be 5 new themes each round. There will not be any category or artist's choice, only themes.

Rules/Things to Know

- You have 5 days to make 5 icons

-Stick to the themes I give you do not argue with me on them

-DO NOT steal icons, you have to make your own

-You have to make the icons now, they cannot be ones you have made in the past

-No animated icons (Gifs)

-No repeated icons or icons used before unless I say otherwise

-Each theme will go on pick for 2 days, no voting for yourself once they do

-Any questions? If so either message me or post in the forum

Prop Ranking:
1 prop for participation
3 props for each theme

Round 1 Themes:
1.Spuffy's First Kiss {The episode Once More, With Feeling. Even though there first kiss was in Intervention.}
2. Red
3. Cute
4. Large Text {Make sure it has something to do with their relationship.}
5. One Of There Fighting Scenes {It can be from any season.}

Round 1 Sign-ups:
KarinaCullen {COMPLETED}
QueenCordelia {COMPLETED}

Round 2 Themes:
1. Full Bodies
2. Sepia
3. Comic Book Style
4. Touching
5. Your Favorite Moment

Round 2 Sign-ups:
buffyl0v3r44 {COMPLETED}
KarinaCullen {COMPLETED}
QueenCordelia {COMPLETED)

Round 3 Themes:
1. Bright
2. Names
3. Sad Scene
4. DVD Cover (Can be Fanmade)
5. Blending Season 6 {Blend 2 episodes of their relationship from season 6}

Round 3 Sign-ups:
KarinaCullen {COMPLETED}
QueenCordelia {COMPLETED}

Round 4 Themes:
1. Rainbow
2. Blue
3. Low
4. Weapon
5. Blending Season 7 {Blend 2 episodes of their relationship from season 7}

Round 4 Sign-ups:
QueenCordelia {COMPLETED}
KarinaCullen {COMPLETED}

Round 5 Themes:
1. + 1 Character
2. Red & Pink
3. Question
4. Texture
5. Not Square

Round 5 Sign-ups:
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