Buffy the Vampire Slayer Why does every body hate Riley?

buffyfan posted on Mar 01, 2008 at 06:14PM
i've asked around, and a lot of people hate him, and i was just wondering why. Can you leave a message and reply please?

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over a year ago amazondebs said…
this is something I've often wondered
i can understand some fans not liking him because he's a bit bland but i don't think there's any reason to hate him

although i do despise that episode in season 6!!!
over a year ago scififan said…
I don't hate him either...I just prefer Angel over him. Riley was a good character and the intitiative story line was interesting. I agree with Debs...that episode is season 6 drives me crazy. When Riley left, he should have stayed gone.

At times I get annoyed with him (what with the vamp whores and the insecurities)...but I don't hate him.
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
I agree with both of you. He was a good guy, just boring. And Scififan, the bits you hate about him are just Marti Noxon being a man-hater.. in my opinon, lol.
over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
yer just boring! i never hated him i thought it was good for buffy to move on especially after that jerk parker, and i was even routing for riley before he got with buffy cuz you could see him pining after her and she didnt even notice! but as soon as he got with her his character kinda became boring! he didnt really liven up again until angel was in town the banter there was awesome!
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over a year ago buffyfan said…
he wasn't boring! he was just a solid deppendable guy. God, he was boring.
over a year ago amazondebs said…
i don't think he was just boring
he was kind of funny, he seemed to have a weird sense of humor, i liked seeing his conflict between his love for buffy and his loyalty to the initiative,

i love the initiative storyline, i loved how they played on government paranoia

and i liked the vamp 'whores' storyling too, i think it showed a weakness in riley's morality complex and it was just interesting
over a year ago buffyfan said…
he was sweet, he just felt buffy didn'tlove him and he wanted something that needed him. he felt those vampires needed him.
over a year ago i_luv_spike said…
i don't hate him but i just don't like him, i think it is because he was a little boring, the only time i liked riley was when they decided to have him leave he was growing on me when his behaviour started to change he wasn't so boring. the only time that i like riley really apart from the end was when spike was in buffy bedroom spelling her clothes i think that was a really funny.
over a year ago Joker said…
Because he wasn't cool, he's just boring isn't he, such a wet blanket. Even when he started to kick demon-ass I still didn't like him.

I will credit him for two lines in 'The Yoko Factor' that make me laugh though.

"I wouldn't take me seriously in these pants either" and "Not moving a muscle." Both funny.
over a year ago xElvenPiratex said…
Gotta agree with everyone else...he was just boring. He was nice and everything, but next to Angel and Spike, he seemed bland and without personality.
over a year ago Angie22 said…
I don't like Riley because he is boring.This Buffy character is indeterminate and for me grey.But i like actor who played role Riley.Marc Blucas is cute;)
over a year ago adwbuffy said…
I thought Riley was the worst boyfriend and guy on the show. He was so emotionally around Buffy. That I could tell Buffy was getting annoyed about it. Also I think Riley didn't really love Buffy after all. I mean yeah Riley and Buffy had there differences on the show.

But in Season 5, Wow so much blame and suffering between Riley and Buffy. After Dracula came to Sunnydale . Riley was getting ansy. That want to know how Angel and Dracula had so much power over Buffy. That made me really upset in that epsiode "In the Woods". Where Riley wants to know what feels like being bitten by vampire.

Buffy was getting digusted that Riley wants her to devour her. Which by the way Buffy was. It didn't seem like to Riley. But Riley was also feeling left out in Buffy's life. Like Buffy getting stronger everyday. That Riley cannot understand the meaning of being a "Slayer".
over a year ago Jehan_the_Sitar said…
There are many reasons, mostly because of the boredom factor. Let's compare Riley to Buffy's other love interests:

Angel: Lived in Ireland, where he was a drunken womanizer until he was turned into a vampire, where he spent most of his life mercilessly killing until he got cursed for eating a gypsy girl.

Spike: Used to be a poet, until he was turned into a vampire. His mother accused him of having the Oedipus complex, he spent most of his life killing and being magnificently evil until he got a chip put in his head and eventually a soul.

Riley: A hopeful twenty-something with a good work ethic and a government job. He was born and raised in Iowa and...WAIT...I'm trying to think of something interesting enough to top the first two! But I can't think of anything...Ooh! He's killed SEVENTEEN vampires!...wait a minute, I think even Xander's picked off more that he has, and that was before he picked up any fighting skills, when he was but a lowly doughnut runner. Not too impressive Riley.

God he's boring.

Also, he was insecure, and he couldn't stand the fact that his girlfriend was stronger than him. That drove me nuts.

And I'm biased, because I ship Spuffy. :)

There are other reasons too, but I can't think of any right now.
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over a year ago fargogogo said…
He's just really boring. He's the good guy, the nice guy, yes. But so is Xander. And a lot of people love Xander. I think it's the delivery, the acting that really didn't push through. Marc Blucas looks so awkward on screen. Plus his nose is too big. -- sorry!