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Spike is even better in the flesh...  julesb666 1 618 over a year ago
Anyone recognize this from the show?  althea48 1 770 over a year ago
As above  julesb666 0 846 over a year ago
As above  julesb666 0 850 over a year ago
Buffy Christmas 2009  adwbuffy 2 910 over a year ago
favourite..?  LG194 9 960 over a year ago
Watching Reruns on your Seasons: Do things happen to you?  adwbuffy 4 1804 over a year ago
Buffy Spot Poppies: Categories  ArabellaElfie 7 1327 over a year ago
Buffy Spot Poppies: Ideas  ArabellaElfie 8 1327 over a year ago
Buffy Spot Birthdays  ArabellaElfie 39 1655 over a year ago
Buffy Spot Poppies: Look at this!  ArabellaElfie 15 1771 over a year ago
Charisma on Legend of the Seeker  CaptRyan 0 814 over a year ago
Buffy Comic - Buffy and Xander warm fuzzies  destuctogirl 0 1834 over a year ago
Countdown to 5000  spikes_girl 54 3867 over a year ago
Questions for the Capture and Inquisition of Joss Whedon  ArabellaElfie 82 2898 over a year ago
BtVS episodes online & more  cressida 7 23419 over a year ago
Last Week On The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spot.... Our Newscast  ArabellaElfie 50 1855 over a year ago
The Fans of Buffy  sexyspike1 3 830 over a year ago
Buffy Scholar  pinkazalea 2 915 over a year ago
Angel (the character ) spot and a needed banner  vampirerose1718 8 818 over a year ago
Sign-Up Sheet for Users Joining the BuffyVerse/AngelVerse Event  adwbuffy 15 1091 over a year ago
Slayage 2009: A Celebration of Buffyverse Fanfiction on Fanpop : Links to fics outside the Pop  ArabellaElfie 7 755 over a year ago
Slayage 2009: A Celebration of Buffyverse Fanfiction on Fanpop : Fanpop Rocks! Fanpop Writers  ArabellaElfie 2 467 over a year ago
the gift  willow96 1 850 over a year ago
Slayage 2009: A Celebration of Buffyverse Fanfiction on Fanpop : Buffyverse Fanfiction Linkage  ArabellaElfie 8 2928 over a year ago
Slayage 2009: A Celebration of Buffyverse Fanfiction on Fanpop : Icons, Artwork, and Advertising  ArabellaElfie 0 578 over a year ago
Slayage 2009: A Celebration of Buffyverse Fanfiction on Fanpop : Author's resources  ArabellaElfie 0 695 over a year ago
Slayage 2009: A Celebration of Buffyverse Fanfiction on Fanpop : General Thoughts, ideas, conversations and sussing things out.  ArabellaElfie 0 634 over a year ago
What episode?  claire-aka-bob 25 1357 over a year ago
adwbuffy feeling left out....  adwbuffy 8 678 over a year ago
Live Watch-A-Thons.  jighooligan101 8 844 over a year ago
fav episodes  H2o_James 0 617 over a year ago
Scoobies - Ties! Help needed now, please  ArabellaElfie 3 623 over a year ago
The Scoobies - Results and Event Planning  ArabellaElfie 13 1179 over a year ago
Angels car  Railroadspike 1 6216 over a year ago
How long have you been a fan?  ArabellaElfie 14 689 over a year ago
Welcoming New Fans !!!  adwbuffy 7 911 over a year ago
ArabellaElfie reads a Buffy Book on Mic  ArabellaElfie 6 834 over a year ago
Buffy/Angel - why do you love the pair?  bendaimmortal 3 4849 over a year ago
Help me Build the Ballot  ArabellaElfie 5 1668 over a year ago
Scoobies on MSN  ArabellaElfie 15 1085 over a year ago
Scoobies...?  faeriegrrl27 1 1060 over a year ago
The Scoobies - Categories - Stuff on Fanpop!  ladolcevita 1 928 over a year ago
The Scoobies - Nominations (CLOSED)  ArabellaElfie 89 10193 over a year ago
The Scoobie - The Honorary Mr. Pointy  ArabellaElfie 2 1391 over a year ago
Buffy Movie  SweetPea2007 3 787 over a year ago
Caption Contest  Mermaid-Tail 4 929 over a year ago
The Scoobies - Icons & advertising  ArabellaElfie 36 1553 over a year ago
The Scoobies - Categories  ArabellaElfie 61 7522 over a year ago
help find a picutre of.......  H2o_James 3 735 over a year ago
A Buffy Event Yet to be Named  ArabellaElfie 20 1288 over a year ago
help find a picutre of.......  H2o_James 0 695 over a year ago
Buffy Riddle-Blank Game (Props)  Galbraith 13 1168 over a year ago
A-Z  callejahLUVSed 2 968 over a year ago
New Club For Book Series  NikkiLovesOTH 1 664 over a year ago
Buffy and angel movie  brosis101 0 528 over a year ago
What would you ask James Marsters?  Sappp 8 2409 over a year ago
Most Bizarre Couple  sexyspike1 9 997 over a year ago
Slay-A-Thon 2009 Benefit  slayathon 0 647 over a year ago
ONLINE Interview/Contest with Actress and Author Amber Benson!  bittenbybooks 2 709 over a year ago
Top 3 Season finalies  H2o_James 0 839 over a year ago
Relationships that Connect from Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer  adwbuffy 0 1795 over a year ago
Season 4 Buffy pictures  spikes_girl 4 1122 over a year ago
Has anyone noticed..?  LG194 2 785 over a year ago
season 7  LG194 3 935 over a year ago
buffy seasons game  i_luv_spike 361 9040 over a year ago
Buffy Spot Ratings  ArabellaElfie 23 1116 over a year ago
fanfiction  movygirl 6 3291 over a year ago
The world is being thrown out of balance!  spikes_girl 6 916 over a year ago
Hairgel  Buffyfan92 4 1374 over a year ago
20 questions  JenniferDempsey 865 21917 over a year ago
New fan needs help  DefineDelicate 2 595 over a year ago
Agree-disagree  spikes_girl 9 854 over a year ago
+Positive  spikes_girl 8 893 over a year ago
Buffy Gets Pregnant by Spike?  adwbuffy 0 3730 over a year ago
Xander & Anya  spikes_girl 7 813 over a year ago
vs game  nataliejade 103 4080 over a year ago
Yum or Yuck  jighooligan101 262 8481 over a year ago
New Buffy Fan  Lt_Core 17 1016 over a year ago
What the Should Have Said  Saul_Mikoliunas 4 710 over a year ago
A Buffy Christmas  ArabellaElfie 3 905 over a year ago
Taking Quote Icon Requests  Cinders 3 1203 over a year ago
The I In Team  spikes_girl 1 943 over a year ago
Can you help?  em_em 3 737 over a year ago
Answer me truthfully!  spikes_girl 8 952 over a year ago
Call For Clips for Buffy-conference "She Saved The World - A Lot" in Berlin, Germany  r4m 0 608 over a year ago
Season 5 Episode 18...I broke the interwebs?  Linarien 5 734 over a year ago
Where's Willow & Tara?  spikes_girl 3 628 over a year ago
Episodes Needed  callstories 14 744 over a year ago
buffy rewatchathon season 1  amazondebs 71 7339 over a year ago
can i join  twilightrocks02 12 1030 over a year ago
Lot of Buffy magazines for sale ...  Vampyress 1 4479 over a year ago
ENOUGH SPOTS!!  adwbuffy 5 723 over a year ago
buffy madlibs  amazondebs 1 1146 over a year ago
Buffy videos on my computer?  Jillywinkles 3 730 over a year ago
Buffy won an emmyy!  vickiee_93 0 767 over a year ago
Icons  ArabellaElfie 14 1104 over a year ago
SFC Event Spot  adwbuffy 0 752 over a year ago
Sign petition for Buffy animated series  Anonymous111 0 1000 over a year ago
Spuffy FanFiction Icons  adwbuffy 0 890 over a year ago