Buffy was walking down the street head back to her apartment. "Ugh, I can't believe Spike, he is such a dumbass", Buffy said to herself, but the man walking past her only heard the "He is such a dumbass" part and he thought she was talking about him.

It was 1:30 in the morning and Buffy couldn't sleep. So she got out of bed and she started walking a little bit, then she heard rustling in the bushes out of her window. Buffy looked out her window and she saw Spike smoking a cigarette.

Spike, what the hell are you doing here", she yelled to him from her window. "I came here to see you, love", he replied as he threw his cigarette on the ground.

"God, you never give up, do you?", she asked him starting to get really ticked off. "I know you want me, Buffy", he said trying to look into her eyes but that was difficult because she kept rolling them.

"No, I don't!", she said getting really ticked off now. "Come on, just admit it", the bleach blonde vampire said to her. "That's it", Buffy said to herself quietly. She walked to her trunk where all her weapons were.

She opened it, and took out a stake. She shut the trunk. She put on a jacket, walked out the door and slammed it shut. The neighbors didn't even wake up from all the yelling and the slamming door!

She ran down the stairs and went outside. "Like I said love, you look really sexy when you're angry," Spike said sounding like an ass. Buffy pushed Spike onto the tree and held the stake up to his heart.