Spike greeted Buffy and Alison on the stairs. "Hey, love", Spike said trying to keep Buffy from going upstairs. "Why do you keep blocking me from trying to go upstairs", Buffy asked.
"I'm not", Spike said trying not to look guilty.

"Ok, then, can I go put Alison down for her nap?", Buffy asked
starting to wonder what Spike was hiding upstairs. "Uh, sure", Spike said moving out of the way so Buffy could get by.

Buffy walked upstairs into Alison's room. "There you go baby", Buffy said as she put Alison into her crib. Alison fell right asleep. Buffy walked out of Alison's room, and went to the stairs.

"Hey, Spike, I'm going to take a shower", Buffy yelled to her so-called husband. "No, don't", Spike said looking really guilty.

"Why not?", Buffy asked starting to get curious. "Uh.....",
Spike couldn't think of anything to say.

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