It was a late sunny afternoon in Sunnydale, Buffy Summers was at home with Spike and their baby girl, Alison.

"Spike, I'm taking Alison with me to the store and the library, we will be back in a few hours", said Buffy. "Ok, love, I will see you when you get back," said Spike.

Buffy picked up Alison and her purse, Spike kissed Alison on her head goodbye and he kissed Buffy on the lips goodbye. Buffy headed out the door and hopped into the car. Spike made sure Buffy was down the road before he took out his cell phone. Who was he calling?

"Hey, Faith, why don't you come over?", Spike asked in a sexy voice. "Is B there?" asked Faith through the phone.
"No, she left with Alison to go to the store and the library, she won't be back for a few hours", Spike said.

"I'll be right over", said Faith. They both hung up.
Why is Faith going to the Summers's house with only Spike there?

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