It was a rainy day in Sunnydale, and Buffy Summers was sitting by the window. Spike walked in the room, "Hey, love, are you ok?", he asked with concern. "I'm fine", Buffy said. But she really wasn't.

"Are you sure?", he asked not convinced with Buffy's answer. "Yes, can I just have some space please!!, she said really, really madly.

Buffy ran upstairs and slammed the bathroom door.
Last night Buffy and Spike just slept together and now she was having a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings about Spike and the two of them.

Buffy thinks she might be pregnant but she is too scared to take a pregnancy test. What if I am pregnant? What kind of future will I have?
What if?......What if?.....Buffy had so many "What if" questions in her head she couldn't keep track of them all.

"Ok, calm down, Buffy. You haven't even taken the test yet. You might not be pregnant", she said to herself. "Well I guess I won't know until I take that test. Buffy took the test.

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