It was way back last year when we heard the horrifying news that Warner Bros. was going back to Sunnydale for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake. The unpopular ‘92 film was set to be rebooted into what everyone assumed would be yet another cringe-worthy film, because Warner Bros. decided not to involve Joss Whedon or anyone else who took that horrible first movie and turned it into a wondrous and legendary TV show. Instead, the studio handed the writing duties to a relatively inexperienced screenwriter, Whit Anderson, who has reportedly turned in a draft of the screenplay that the studio hates so much they rejected it. Actually, they hated it so much they not only rejected the screenplay, but fired Anderson as well. Bad news for her, but excellent news for the Buffy fanboys and girls!

But there is more good news for us remake haters! The Buffy reboot just might be cancelled!

The script was rejected, forcing the production folks involved to re-assess the project and figure out what to do next. There is always the option of finding another writer, but people are saying that excitement for the project is fading and the studio will probably send the film back to Hellmouth… for good.

Right now there are a lot of rumors, and no one knows for sure what the studio plans to do. Either way, the film is put on hold since the writer has been canned. So we can either expect a longer wait for the Buffy reboot, or no reboot at all. I’m hoping for the latter....