Angel: Fun fact about wasps they have no taste for the undead not that a sting would do me any damage it's just tonight's special and I wanted to look my best for you...

Buffy: Your the only one, the only person I can talk to

Angel: Gosh Buff that's really pathetic

Buffy: You can't make me dissepear just because you say it's over

Angel: Actually I can in fact (Angel gets possesed)
I just want you to be able to have some kind of a normal life we can never have that don't you see?

Buffy: I don't give a damn about a normal life, I'm going crazy not seeing you I think about you every minute

Angel: I know but It's over it has to be

Buffy: come back here, we're not finished you don't care anymore is that it?

Angel: It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how I feel!

Buffy: Then tell me you don't love me, say it!

Angel: Is that what you need to hear - will that help? because I don't now let me go

Buffy: No, you don't just wake up and stop loving somebody! (holds up gun) Love is forever I'm not afraid to use it I swear! if i can't be with you

Angel: Oh my god (runs away)

Buffy: Don't walk away from me bitch!

Angel: (keeps on running to the balcony)

Buffy: Stop it STOP IT don't make me!

Angel: Alright,but just you know you don't want to do this so let's both just calm down now give me the gun

Buffy: Don't don't do that dammit don't talk to me like i'm just some stupid! (accidentaly pulls trigger and shoots Angel)

Angel: James (falls off the balcony onto the ground)