♥♥So since tomorrow's Valentine's I thought why no not post it today? I just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans! Here in this article you will read the 5 best Valentines Day episodes to watch of ‘Buffy’ put together by me:♥♥

#1 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered- the beginning of this episode actual takes place on Valentines Day, and it is the perfect episode to watch for any ‘Buffy’ fan on Valentines Day!

#2 I Was Made to Love You- this episode I feel it was all about Buffy feeling like she needed to find someone, a normal someone. This episode, ok I will admit a bit of a lonely person kind of Valentines episode, but I still think its perfect for Valentine’s Day. I think this episode just totally represents that we are all robots and guys will just stop playing with us when they get bored of us, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try guys will use us for what they want and then be done with us, until you find the right guy of course…. I know I’m harsh like that, so for all you loners out there that think you need a guy to complete you, this is the perfect episode to show you that you don’t!

#3 I Only Have Eyes for You- this episode has a very romantic yet very deadly feel to it, and I think it is a great episode for Valentines Day. This episode shows that no matter what you do wrong, the people who love you will forever go on loving you and will forgive you, because of their love for you!

#4 Crush- Crush was ok maybe not a perfect Valentine’s Day episode, but its theme is based on love and that’s what Valentines Day is about so I guess its very fitting to Valentine’s Day then. I love this episode it is great to see Spike finally saying the words “I love you” to Buffy, I am a huge Spuffy fan so this episode definitely is beyond great to me, and I find it to be a good episode to watch on Valentines Day!

#5 Lovers Walk- Ok again, not the perfect Valentine’s Day episode, but I still think it has some qualities that make it a good Valentines Day episode to watch. This episode is about love and break up so anyone who is in love or just broke up with someone, this would be a pretty decent episode to watch!

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