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Bangtan Boys❤
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bias wrecker
English~~~♔—♔°❤ ❥

thank you (so much) for existing
give me a call, I will buy your a meal
ah I think I’ve gone crazy cough cough
by the way girls dress, all showy showy
(So much) thank you! You made my eyesight better
(natural lasik) no need for paying
I’ll be in panic I’ll be a fan
and I’ll be a man of you you you you babe

my eyes keep rolling, over this girls tummy (yup)
girls are equations us men are the sum (yup)
I lose sweat, somehow we can’t be equal
wear it more often, high heel
I’m eighteen, I know what I need to know
that being a woman is the best thing in the world
yes I’m...
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