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Confronted by a home intruder, Jake Terrey tipped the odds in his favour by pulling down the replica anime sword hanging on his wall and brandishing it.

"It's not that dangerous but it's quite intimidating," the 21-year-old said of the timber ornament, modelled on Japanese manga series Bleach.

Mr Terrey, a fan of manga, told ninemsn he came upon the alleged burglar after returning home to his ground floor apartment in Summer Hill, in Sydney's inner west, after a jog shortly before midday on December 20.

As a professional fashion photographer, his first concern was his laptop and the $10,000 worth...
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Orihime Inoue is a student
Karakura High. She goes to
the same
class as Ichigo. She likes to
daydream a lot which makes her a
little hyper. Her crush is Ichigo and
her best friend is Tatsuki. Orihime
also had an older brother named
Sora. (In the VIZ manga, Orihime's
brother was named Kakei.)
When Orihime was still a baby her
parents would give her beatings to
make her stop crying. Kakei is 15
years older than her. When he turned
18 he took Orihime with him and
moved to a different place. He then
died in a car accident when Orihime
was 12 years old. She got angry at
him because he gave her some
hairclips she...
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Matsumoto is a beautiful lady with
orange wavy hair. She dresses with a
pink scarf over her arms and she
wears a necklace. Matsumoto lacks
paperwork and likes to drink a lot of
sake. Her captain, Hitsugaya, always
gets annoyed by her whether she's
lacking the paperwork or when she
jokes around. Her free-spirited and
easy-going personality is in sharp
comparison with Hitsugaya. Even
though her and Hitsugaya seem to
argue a lot, they're still quite close.
Matsumoto came from Rukongai and
was found and rescued by Gin
Ichimaru. Later on the two became
friends. Gin once asked her what her
birth date was. She didn't...
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Rukia Kuchiki started out as a
Shinigami (Death God), but in the
first episode she gives her powers
to Ichigo Kurosaki. She met Ichigo
and when they were fighting a
Hollow, and when she got hurt she
told him to stab her sword into him...
and he did, which changed him into a
soul reaper! She then enters a faux
body and convinces Ichigo to help
her in her work as a Shinigami until
her powers return.
After a while, her older brother
comes and takes her back to Soul
Society. Giving away her powers was
a serious crime punishable by
execution. Ichigo and a few others
then go to Soul Society to rescue
Rukia Kuchiki,...
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posted by yellomello
This is probably redundant, but the arrancars have replaced the gotei XIII as the hottest faction in Bleach, no? Some much mystery and depth, along with thought, has gone in the formation of these beings, congrats to Tite Kubo for thinking of them. I have an opinion. We as the fans of the show should formulate a whole bunch of new arrancars, and i will create the artbook of it, so if you don't want to draw it (or can't draw, no offense). Then i'll post it, and we'll talk about it. This arrancar idea has grasped me beyond the point of obsession, and if anyone agrees with me, join this cause.
posted by Darkangel26
Tite Kubo says he doesnt want Bleach to have lov in it but almost every opening and ebding song have to do with love.
I mean i understand its hard finding songs that dont have to do with love but come on! like everyone is all lovie Dovie.
He might as well give up and make everyone fall in love.
Ichigo can have orihime and Rukia because Renji is way to good for Rukia.
Gin and Rangiku.
Urahara and Yoroichi
Toshiro and Momo
Tite Just give up already! Give your fans what they want!!!
posted by Darkangel26
So I realized. Some of the things dont connect. Have you ever wondered that maybe if Ichigo's mom was eaten by Grand Fisher but Isshin Killed Grand Fisher and after hollows are killed all the souls they eat are sent to the soul society. So in other words Ichigo's mom should be in the soul society and so shoul Orehime's brother. Also if you think about it everyone in the soul society are dead, Renji, Rukia even ISSHIN KUROSAKI!!!!!!

Oh well even so these connections are CRAZY!! I think we can all agree that bleach is an amzing show!!