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posted by Quaila
Combing through the horrible mess left in the destructive wake of recent trolls, I have noticed the proffessed offence felt by certain members of fanpop by the exclusiveness of this spot, and what I want to say to you all who felt or are feeling this offence, is I do apologise, but I also urge the parts in this conflict to moderation. Because with this level of hostility going on, we'd be soon chucking stones at each other in our private intifada. Now, that is most unpleasant right? So here's what I humbly propose:

1. Immediate and unconditional cease-fire.
2. Understandment of the fact that fanpop is open for everyone to join whatever spot they and their grandmothers so pleases.
3. Simultaneous understandment of the fact that there's a inherent neccess of civility, and sometimes, when it comes to certain things, it is better to be polite instead of going "fiat iustitia pereat mundus".
4. Understandment of the fact that we as the biggerstaffs have made mistakes in handling this problem, but there's no need to recruit a lynching mob.
5. Understanding that despite the fact that this spot is indeed a spot for a circle of friends, we are very happy to introduce civil and friendly people who are willing to give our troubled minds a civil distance.

Finally, I present a small story:

Seneca: "Piso's justice"

In De Ira (On Anger), Book I, Chapter XVIII, Seneca tells of Gnaeus Piso, a Roman governor and lawmaker, when he was angry, ordering the execution of a soldier who had returned from a leave of absence without his comrade, on the ground that if the man did not produce his companion, he had presumably killed the latter. As the condemned man was presenting his neck to the executioner's sword, there suddenly appeared the very comrade who was supposedly murdered. The centurion overseeing the execution halted the proceedings and led the condemned man back to Piso, expecting a reprieve. But Piso mounted the tribunal in a rage, and ordered the three soldiers to be executed. He ordered the death of the man who was to have been executed, because the sentence had already been passed; he also ordered the death of the centurion who was in charge of the original execution, for failing to perform his duty; and finally, he ordered the death of the man who had been supposed to have been murdered, because he had been the cause of death of two innocent men.

In subsequent versions of this legend, this principle became known as “Piso’s justice”, which is when sentences made or carried out of retaliation the intentions are technically correct, but morally wrong, and this could be construed as a negative interpretation of the meaning of Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

However, no form of the phrase fiat justitia appears in De Ira, though Brewer's incorrectly states that it does.[4] The phrase is sometimes attributed to a different Piso, Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, possibly a confusion with this case.

A more original version of this story, albeight unsourced, can be found here: link
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I love both Sirius and Hermione.
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She tried to walk out of the room without attracting the attention. It did not work. She bumped right into him. She groaned and tried to walk around him. He blocked her every which way she went. “Troy can you please just move out of my way. I have important things that I need to attend to and you’re blocking my way.” Troy smirked at her with his bluish green eyes setting a fire deep within her soul that made every inch of her body hot. She glared at him wanting him to move out of her way. “Troy move out of my way now”, she said as she tried not to attract attention to herself by yelling....
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The first of the trilogy
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posted by IzzyOzera
Stranger: Blaine!?
You: Kurt?
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: finallY!
You: How are you?
Stranger: I'm totally in love with you!
You: I'm crazy about you!
Stranger: you've brought me to light
Stranger: and my heart stops when you look at me!
You: I love you.
Stranger: I love you, too.
Stranger: wanna vote?
You: yes! I think we should vote. Lets vote right here right now!
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: I love to vote with you
Stranger: want to do it all the time
You: yes. We should never ever stop
You: do it forever and ever!
You: Kurt are you there?
Stranger: I am
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-___- I wrote this out completely, then it got erased, so during his Im gonna seem like Im in a pissed off mood probably. But ANYWAYS, since everyone was writing bout their faveorite shows, I thought I would bout my favorite movies.

1. Harry Potter
Favorite characters: Sirius, Tonks, George, and Oliver.
Least favorite: Bellatrix, Draco, and Ron. Ik Im gonna get some hate for that...

2. Back to the Future trilogy
Favorite characters: Marty, Dr. Brown, and George.
Least favorite: Biff, Griff, and Lorraine.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite characters: Caspian, Reepicheep, Trumpkin, and Aslan.
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posted by kris10853
Favorite crayon color?

Should waffles be the National Food of America? Deffinitely

Do dog barks make you cry? Not at all

What are your thoughts about mac and cheese? DELICIOUS

Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? Ummmm Big Bird

Ever talked to yourself? Almost every day XD

How many points do you have right at the moment? Bout 83.....Wait...Points?

What mood are you in right now? Chicken

Is your cell phone dead? Yes...Howd you know...?

Can peas really talk? I hope so....I talked to one earlier...

When was the last time you applied deoderant? When I got up this morning

Ever eaten soap? Not willlingly

There is no thirteen question, feel free to say what you would like. Kathy Griffin

Do you like fifteen question surveys? Sure...

What are your thoughts on Spongebob Squarepants? Use to like it...Not anymore...still remember the movie tho.... HOOPLA!
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For all the Biggerstaffs who want to know what Doctor Who is about. This is the final scene of the last episode they aired (it's backwards, blah. hate when that happens)
doctor who
the doctor
river song
amy pond