An New Adventure Begins
Stan Lee, a famous MARVEL Comic Books Writer/Artist confirms that there will be a Sequel of Big Hero 6 and he says that Tadashi survived the Fire Incident and another Villain ( rescued him and made him forget everything ) will appear. It's possible that the Sequel BIG HERO 7 will be released at the year 2018 - Fist Bump! 👊🏼 - 👋🏽 Bahlalala

Me: when I first watched the Trailer of BIG HERO 6 I knew it would be amazing when it came out at the cinemas, my whole family watched it and it was amzIng as I thought it would be and it's my family's *NEW* favourite Disney Movie, and I always thought that Tadashi would be alive and would Appear in the sequel since a lot of fans loved him, so I'm very excited about the sequel and I hope it will be just as good as the first movie
Will the Brothers Reunite ?
Team BIG HERO 6 Reunite !