Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Bella Swan 1000 Reasons why Bellatrix is better than Bella

KateKicksAss posted on Jan 19, 2011 at 05:42AM
Let's see if we can get to 1000 reasons! Let's probe that BellaTRIX is the best!

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over a year ago KateKicksAss said…
Just to start out....

1. Helena Bonham Carter.

2. Bellatrix has a personality.

3. Bellatrix doesn't rely on guys.

4. Bellatrix is brave.

5. Bellatrix has cooler, unique, one of a kind awesome outfits.

6. Bellatrix is insane.

7. Bellatrix is evil.
over a year ago PaulInDaHood said…
8. Bellatrix can actually fight
9. Bellatrix stands up and fights for what she believes in
10. Bellatrix doesn't let some guy walk all over her and control her
11. Bellatrix was so loyal she spent years in Azkaban for Voldemort
over a year ago wizardgleek said…
12. Bellatrix kicks ass
13. Bellatrix has been in Azkaban and escaped, and Bella can't handle her boyfriend leaving her.
14. Bellatrix is from Harry Potter
15. Bellatrix is a complicated and deep character.
over a year ago BellatrixBlackL said…
I could beat any silly little schoolgirls from Forks!
over a year ago ciulia96 said…
17.Bellatrix is faithful.
18.Bellatrix loves Voldemort.
19.Bellatrix is very very beautiful.
20.Bellatrix plays with her food.
21.Bellatrix is a witch
22.Bellatrix means female warrior in Latin.
23.Bellatrix is not a muggle.
24.Bellatrix is smart.
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over a year ago Lumos_Maxima said…
25. Bellatrix could take on the volturi and finish them off with one small flick of her wand while Bella and her army tried to reason with them to avoid getting killed.
over a year ago irmafan said…
26.Bellatrix doesn't try to kill herself just because Voldemort doesn't love her
27.Bellatrix doesn't fall in love with a guy just because he is hot(she loves Voldemort and he is really ugly)
28.Bellatrix is interesting
29.Bellatrix is not clumsy
30.Bellatrix has awesome hair
31.Bellatrix is not a Mary Sue
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over a year ago NightFrog said…
32. Bellatrix has hobbies.
33. Bellatrix's character leaves a bigger impact.
34. Bellatrix won't take any crap from anyone.
35. She doesn't need an entire army to protect her, she IS the army.
over a year ago loolymadness said…
36. Bellatrix killed Dobby and she's still more tolerable than Bella.