The much better Bella
Just a collection of reasons as to why our Bellatrix Lestrange is better then their Bella Swan found in the 1000 reasons why Bellatrix is better then Bella froum. So credit to all particapants of that froum including me, enjoy.

1. Helena Bonham Carter.
2. She has an awesome tattoo.
3. She has awesome hair.
4. She survived many years in prison and was strong throughout that time.
5. She fights for what she believes in
6. She is loyal and has no doubt. (doesn't start flirting with best friend when she breaks up with boyfriend)
7. She is willing to die for the one she loves.
8. She has "trix" at the end of her name, making it four letters longer and 4032434378945 times cooler.
9. Her laughter is adorable and terrifying at the same time.
10. Her costume is on display at the HP Exhibition.
11. She doesn't curl up and cry in the middle of a forest or throw herself off a cliff because Voldemort doesn't love her.
12. She is beautiful (yet scary)
13. She eats full meals.
14. She doesn't just face her fears; she destroys them.
15. She doesn't sulk around in her room all day when Voldemort isn't around
16. She's an ANARCHIST!
17. She has a wicked giggle
18. She doesn't love Voldemort for his looks (difficult to picture anyone doing that, but still.)
19. She never gives up hope that they will, one day, be together
20. She's so childlike that it's cute
21. And slightly creepy, considering how evil she is.
23. "I killed Sirius Black, haha! You comin' to get me?"
24. "How dare you speak his name, you FILTHY HALF BLOOD..."
25. Her smashing up the tables at Hogwarts was so cool, because it was her high school, too.
26. She babies people and terrifies them at the same time.
27. She prefers to Crucio & torture people first, instead of just killing them.
28. She is his most loyal Death Eater
29. And his last, best lieutenant
30. Her death was the only one which made Lord Voldemort show any sign of remorse (he screamed and was furious.)
31. She's always been loyal to Voldemort.
32. Bella would rather spend years in Azkaban than denounce her Lord.
33. There are songs written about her.
34. Her fans are a lot more.............. loyal.
35. She's much more talented than Bella Cullen, she deflected a spell from Dumbledore!
36. People debate so much about Bellatrix, like why someone likes her, why someone else doesn't like her, why you should (not) like her...
37. Her love story is much more interesting.
38. Bellatrix is the third brightest star in the constellation Orion, known as the Amazon Star. The Amazons were women warriors in Greek mythology, and "Bellatrix" is the Latin word for female warrior or a personification of feminine beauty, and Lestrange is French for "the strange one".
39. Her background is also a lot more fascinating, she was the eldest Black sister.
40. Aside from the murdering/torturing, she's a better role model. She shows you that you should never give up hope (she never gave up on her love for Voldemort), that you should always fight for your cause (she went to Azkaban instead of denouncing Voldemort), and that you should die for your cause instead of running away
41. She has a unique fashion sense ;)
42. She is a strong woman in a male dominated environment.
43. She never gives up.
44. She is a powerful witch in her own right and doesn't need to hide behind Voldemort.
45. She has pretty handwriting!
26. Bella Lestrange is insane!
27. She can fight for herself
28. Shes very loyal
29. She has a one of a kind personaly
30. She has a style of her own
31. She is a powerful witch
48. When The one Bellatrix loves doesn't care, she doesn't wimp out and obsess over him, she just fights harder
49. Bellatrix has a personality
50. Bellatrix isn't afraid of anything
51. The man Bellatrix loves is extremely powerful, skilled, and well known.
52. Bellatrix can battle 3 people at once
53. Bellatrix is halarious
54. Bellatrix sang the I killed Sirius Black song
55. Bellatrix has accurate aim (she was able to hit Dobby with the knife from across the room
56. Bellatrix has an amazing evil laugh
57. Bellatrix has SO much fun being evil
58. Bellatrix doesn't care what people think of her (Except maybe what Voldy thinks)
59. Bellatrix make being insane fun
60. Bellatrix is strong enough to undergo 15 years in Azkaban
61. Bellatrix survived dementors
62. Bellatrix is extreamly loyal
63. Bellatrix stands up for her belifs
64. Bellatrix can pull off a torn up outfit
65. Bellatrix is played by the one and only Helena Bonham Carter
66. Bellatrix can run without tripping herself
67. She can do said running in a long swishy skirt
68. She can do said running in high-heeled boots
69. She can do said running while spells are being shot at her from every angle
70. She feels no need to "produce an heir"
71. She puts up with her worthless husband
72. Her dress has silver swirls on them :)
73. She isn't even the main character, but we can still think of more than 72 reasons why she's better than Isabella in less than two days
74. She has a cool knife.
75. She has a cool wand.
76. She can do incantationless magic.
77. She has the guts to kill her cousin.
78. She has the guts to kill the Malfoys' house-elf (Dobby)
79. She hates house-elves, but manages to gain the trust of her family's (Kreacher)
80. She looks awesome when she shoots Dark Marks into the sky
85. She has enough devoted fans for us to continue this post, despite the haters.
86. Despite the fact that it is a practically nonexistent relationship, Bellamort fanfics are plentiful.
87. We actually had the guts to make a post.
88. Bellatrix is loyal to her family. Despite the fact she loves the Dark Lord, she didn't tell him about Cissy's deal with Severus because she loves her sister. Bella Swan put Edward before her family.
89. Bellatrix is a very strong woman; her insanity, cruelty and fighting skills are second only to Voldemort's. Bella Swan relies on the men, whilst she stays in a tent in the forest.
90. Bellatrix is so strong in fact, she could probably take on most of the other Death Eaters single-handed.
91. And she learnt it through hard graft which lead Voldemort to train her for duelling.
92. Many years of cold, filth, Dementors and inmates didn't make Bellatrix's loyalty waver for a second.
93. Bellatrix is very two-dimensional and deep. She is insane and incredibly evil, yet she has a legion of loyal fans because of certain traits, like loyalty, bravery and unconditional love.
94. She did what was expected of her - marrying into a respectable, pureblooded marriage - but it was still on her terms.
95. She values power, skill and domination, not pretty boys and face-touching.
96. Bella is constantly moaning about her being "too plain" and not pretty enough for the perfect Edward. Bellatrix doesn't give her appearance a moment's thought and is happy to go around with a tangled bird's nest of hair and rotting teeth.
97. And she would pour scorn on anyone who even suggested she settle down and provide heirs to the Lestrange family.
98. Bellatrix might be arrogant, but at least she has respect for herself and is brimming with confidence.
99. She doesn't tolerate sitting around during the war and not taking an active part, as she told Narcissa that if she had sons, she would be proud to volunteer them to do the Dark Lord's bidding, as should they be.
100. As an example of Bellatrix's loyalty to the man she loved - she was proud to be a Black sister because of their connections to Voldemort, and Andromeda's portrait on the Black family tree was singed when she chose the other side of the battle.
101. Bellatrix doesn't care for petty subjects.
102. She stood by him until the very end, and would be happy to die if it meant Voldemort could take his reign over the world.
103. Her beliefs that all should be pure, may not be right or the best things to believe, but she certainly doesn't let anyone else's beliefs get in the way.
104. Whether her side was right or wrong, she was faithful and she fought.
105. Bellatrix has an awesome Character traits
106. Bellatrix is faithful and loyal
107. She doesn’t want to die (Bella wanted to die by becoming a vampire)
108. She's not clumsy like Bella Swan.
109. Bellatrix is the queen of tourture
110. Bellatrix is an awsome voice
111. Bellatrix is'nt a Mary-Sue
112. When Bella screams something, you laugh and ask "Was that supposed to be annoying or scary?" When Bellatrix screams something, you tremble and ask "Did I just shit my pants?"
113. Bellatrix brings back memories to me
114. Bellatrix has a pretty and unique name
115. Bellatrix actually has fans willing to post 1000 reasons why shes better then Bella Swan
116. Her name doesn't imply the exact opposite of what she is. Swans are supposed to be graceful, but Bella is not. Bellatrix means "female warrior" which is quite suiting of her, and Lestrange meaning "the strange one" which is also quite fitting.
117. Her last name (Lestrange) says something about her personality
118. Her cloths reflect her mental state
119. Pureblooded
120. Has a rockin' family tree
121. Escaped Azkaban.
122. Escaped Azkaban the year I was born :)
123. She likes to play with her food :)
124. She doesnt let her husband have complete controll over her
125. Her husband doesn't dominate her sex life. In fact, I doubt they've ever been to base two...
126. Her and Voldemort might have, though...
127. she makes me laugh
128. She has awsome hair
129. Not afraid to get her feet wet. Goes walking in the rain in HBP :)
130. The fact that she likes burning things is funny
131. Her insanity intruigs me
132. She has will power enough to survive Azkaban
133 She proudly and bravely embraced Azkaban for Voldemort rather then worming out of it
134. Snape annoys her. It's so cute :)
135. She annoys Snape back
136. She getts all in Snapes face
137. She knows occlumacy
138. She can binde unbreakable vows
139. Her cackle is awsome
140. The way she changes her tone is epic too
141. She laughs at moments that are not funny without sounding like an idiot.
142. She has a surprisingly good relationship with her sister.
143. She is good at laughing at Snape.
144. Bellatrix doesn't need a man to be happy in fact she might just be happier without Rod
145. She got married at an appropriate age
146. The way she jumps upand down after burning Hagrids hut is both phyco and adoreable
147. She doesn't let Voldemort watch her sleep
148. She has an epic dark mark tatoo
149. It was hilarious when she lickedher dark mark
150. The way she taunts her enemies in a child like mocking way is unique funny and intriguing
151. Bellatrix has accomplished more than Bella.
152. Bellatrix never tried diveing off a cliff
153. bellatrix is scarier, funnier, and she always acts as if she was drunk, and that is called acting!!! whereas twilight-bella is boring and... shes a bad actress and doesn't have any emotion when she acts!
154. Bellatrix is vey powerful
155. Bella does NOTHING and lives happily ever after. Bellatrix fights and stands up for herself and risks her life and survives prison, and she dies in the end :(
156. Bella jumps off a cliff just to see her ex yet Bellatrix endurs Azkaban and is'nt even loved by Voldemort and she never once tried suicide.
157: what does bella (cullen)actually do, someone please tell me (answers on a postcard) bellatrix at least has the guts to stand up against the man (harry potter or dumbledore, im not sure) bella is too afraid that she won't be popular anymore.
158: bella (cullen) spends most of the twilight movies complaining, name one time in the hp movies that bellatrix has appeared in where she has complained about anything, her life has been much more difficult, she spent years in prison, she loves a man who will never ever love her back, she is willing to fight for those she loves ( voldemort, possibly her sister) bella just acts pathetic and waits for other people to save her
158. Bellatrix doesn't have sex with Voldemort.
159. She is obeidant
161. Bellatrix is a skilled fighter
162. Bellatrix has fun when fighting which makes things more entertaining
163. Bellatrix has a complex history and background
164. Bellatrix comes from a well known well respected family that dates back all the way to the 14 hundreds.
165. Bellatrix protects those she cares for makeing her an unselfish person.
166. Bellatrix is'nt afraid to take action and get dirty
167. Bellatrix is'nt just a typical avrage school girl.
168. Her make up was designed so things clash with one an other; bags where put under her eyes to make her ugly but then eyeshadow was applied to counter that.
169. Bellatrix doesnt let Voldemort watch her in her sleep
170. Bellatrix didnt become a zombi when Voldemort rejected her love.
171. She is completly self confidant.
172. Bellatrix's lack of self control creates for an intresting persona.
173. Bellatrix shows what can happen to a person when raised in a raceist enviornment.
174. Bellatrix has the potential to become a good person. (I can expand on this.)
175. She is independent and strong,(even though she's evil) and while being a minor character of HP,she is ten times more developed than the main character of Twilight.
176. She shows traces of intelligence behind the insanity. Bella doesn't even know how to spell it.
177. harrypotterbest allready explained the origin of her name,which is,as all of HP characters,pretty deep and requires brains to think of (I'm talking about J.K. Rowling's charatcer names).While Bella Swan means Pretty Swan,a name fit for a Mary-Sue.
178. She can live without caring what people think about her. That means she is,unlike Pretty Swan,a strong character.
179. She is LOYAL,unlike Bella who ran off with Fakewolf as soon as Edward left her. (ok,it's not the same kind of loyalty) Bellatrix risked spending her life in Askaban in order to find Voldemort when he dissapeared. And she spent 15 years there later.
180. She is not a Mary-Sue. She is a character full of flaws,she is evil,and everyone likes characters with flaws,who they can relate to,more than Pretty Swan who is popular at school on the second day even though she's an idiot.
181. Bellatrix had a key role in Harry's life, in killing people close to him like Sirius she made him a stronger person.
182. HBC is a wayyyyyyy better actress than Kristin Stewart.
183. Bellatrix really knows how to get her points across
184. Bellatrix is three-dimensional and deep - despite being evil she has qualities often found in good characters etc. Bella is not.
184. Bellatrix is a firce powerful BA woman.
185. no matter if you think is awesome or insane(in a bad way) she's not boring. exacly the opposite...
The Mary-Sue