In the Great Wide Somewhere.
Well since I'm a fan of both films, I will be writing on how similarities both films are.

The Story

Since I grew up with both films, the intro starts off with a musical number that we grew to love. To which I will come to that later on as to how they are connected, as the story goes on. It goes from dark to happiness, especially the second half of the film.
The scene where Belle runs down the hill during her song reprise, is a reference to Maria during the opening number. Which is another topic that I will later talk about the character similarities for both Maria and Belle.

The Music & Songs

As mentioned, the reason why both the first number of Belle and Maria from both films had a connection, is because it deals about the main protagonists, both are social outcasts from their respective communities. Belle being a bookworm, while Maria wants to see the world outside the Abbey!
The title song and Climb Every Mountain are sang by 2 motherly figures in both films, both songs would later had a reprisal moments at the end.

The Characters

Like I promised, both Belle and Maria are very optimistic and they want adventure in the great wide somewhere. They also meet 2 authoritative figures later in the story, and they're the Beast and Captain Von Trapp.
The only differences is that the Captain opposes music since the death of his first wife, while the Beast is actually a prince who is a hot-tempered spoiled brat. Until their characters are both softened by Maria and Belle respectively.
The enchanted objects are like the 7 Von Trapp children, the youngest ones like Chip and Martha are attached to Belle and Maria respectively.
Finally, Rolfe is very much like Gaston, especially when the former turned into the dark side. Gaston's true colours are shown at the end of the film as well, with the exception that Rolfe didn't die in the end!

The Hills are Alive!

So, here are my comparisons on 2 classics that captivate everyone's heart today. What do you think?
The Hills are Alive!!!