The Original Belle.
Hi guys, I would like to write some of my favourite actresses who play Belle the best, starting from the best to the lowest. Ready?

Paige O' Hara

I was really happy that Howard Ashman (RIP) made the right choice by choosing Paige to voice the 5th Disney Princess, he discovered her when she was doing the Showboat the Musical back during the late 80's.
I find both her speaking and singing voice relaxing and pleasant to listen to, she has a European sounding in it and sounds like Judy Garland at some point of the film.

Susan Egan

Another Broadway actress who originated the role for the Original Broadway Musical released 3 years later after the film, the funny moment about her is that at one point, Michael Piontek (Paige O' Hara's husband) overheard a young girl saying about Susan's performance, 'She's not Belle!'. I laughed at the thought of it!
Now, her singing is amazing and sounds just like Belle to me. Although she sounds different completely than Paige O' Hara's.

Emma Watson

Considering that I'm a fan of Emma Watson, I gradually became disappointed with her portrayal of Belle in the 2017 Live-Action Adaptation. Mainly because her acting is wooden and stiff at the same time, I hope to see her in more films in the near feature.
Her singing voice is emotionless, robotic and sleepy. The auto-tunes doesn't help either!

Lynsey Mcleod

She played Belle in Sing Me A Story with Belle in the late 90's, she could really sing I must and I personally think she should had play Belle for the film. She also has the character within her when playing Belle.

Her Name Means Beauty

So, here are my opinions on the 3 actresses who played Belle that I know of. What do you think?
Welcome to the 60's, Susan!
Lynsey Mcleod