Team 1991?
Hi guys, since I had done the review for the 2017 film, here is my comparison for the 1991 film with the 2017 version like what I did previously with Cinderella & Maleficent.

The Story-Line

Despite my initial skepticism for the 2017 live-action reboot, I was very happy with a number of things, especially about both Belle and the Beast's childhood, both lost their mothers and we also get to see their interactions more than the 1991 version.
Unlike the 1991 prologue, the 2017 version added more details as to how the inhabitants were cast under a spell. Forgetting about the Prince and the castle! (2017 Version)

The Characters

Belle's character remains the same, but her character is shown more, especially about finding out more about her mother with the help of the Beast! (tied)
Speaking of the beast, I was very happy that the song Evermore expand his character more. But on the other hand, I was disappointed that the song If I Can't Love Her from the Broadway Version was not feature in the 2017 reboot. (tied)
Finally, Lefou was very supportive of Gaston, until he became so disillusioned with him during the second half of the film. (2017 Version)
Gaston's personality remains the same except that he did help Maurice at first, but he gradually became a madman throughout the story! (tied)
Finally, Maurice is not eccentric in a contrast to his animated version. He is practical, helpful and reasonable. (2017 Version)

The Songs

As mentioned, I was very happy that 3 songs were compose specially for this reboot. 2 songs actually develop both Belle and the Beast's character more, and they are 'Evermore' and 'How Does A Moment Last Forever?', both songs were covered by Josh Groban and Celine Dion respectively. Coincidentally, Dion recorded the original duet of the title song for the 1991 film with Peabo Bryson. (tied)

The Settings & Costumes

Okay, I was very happy that the 2017 version has added more details towards the settings. Especially the Beast's castle, which features Rococo & Baroque style to it. The costumes is hinted to be set during the early 18th century in a contrast towards the 1991 version, which I presume it must be set during the mid-18th century.
The finale was also different because Belle and the Beast wear different outfits in a contrast to their animated counterparts to avoid repetition. (2017 Version)


While I cherish the 1991 animated feature, the 2017 version will also cherish today's generation evermore.
Team 2017?