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BARBIE CONTEST  angel028 7 5273 over a year ago
chat room  twinklestar11 0 2454 over a year ago
"The Media Club" is being established as Sony Pictures' partnership with Disney & Hallmark, as of July 5, 2015!  DDD1988Redux 0 2720 over a year ago
Barbie collection for sale  lrshanks 0 3481 over a year ago
Handmade? barbie doll yarn dress ID  newbarbiecollec 0 3389 over a year ago
Collectible Barbies for Sale - Box autographed by doll designer Carol Spencer  bhapp2 0 2742 over a year ago
barbie make up!  MaitaneRuiz 0 1854 over a year ago
If You Absolutely Loved Your Barbie Dolls - Speak Up Here  azaleaeight 9 4657 over a year ago
Barbie Fans Come HERE!!!!  askBFW 2 2480 over a year ago
Barbie Wish! WTB  jessica_ashleyx 0 2171 over a year ago
My barbies from my childhood i am sorting out  horrie 0 2157 over a year ago
Are these rare Barbies? Come check them out please!  TheTradeBox 0 3508 over a year ago
Can anyone ID this doll please?  Robertuk 1 2499 over a year ago
Information wanted: United Colours of Benetton Barbie  Ice_Queen1986 0 1757 over a year ago
National TV Show Looking For Barbie Collectors  Pamela_THR 0 2574 over a year ago
HUGE BARBIE COLLECTION FOR SALE/TRADE  yocuzas 0 3266 over a year ago
Found collectible barbies  indigo_orchid 1 1791 over a year ago
1962 barbie  ty1 1 2100 over a year ago
Barbie's latest commercial  PrettyCure55 1 4153 over a year ago
Mixed race Barbie doll range So In Style - what dya think?  LoveBabs 2 2067 over a year ago
Barbie Giveaway!  momforless 0 1151 over a year ago
Boys and Barbies  actrguy 4 1420 over a year ago
BARBIE WORLD PHOTO DAY! you can get published in a magazine! read more...  kurvmag 0 1288 over a year ago
Has anyone else seen the Barbie & the 3 Musketeers dolls?  Ryanne81 0 1890 over a year ago
Barbie fans -- visit Sunday ...  jyoung2 0 1535 over a year ago
Stop the Barbie Bashing  azaleaeight 1 1400 over a year ago