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Amelia Earhart broke countless records as a pilot. She inspires me in so many ways and is proof that you really can be anything!
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Tittle: I’m not narcissistic
Author: GeekyLatina
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance, Angst (maybe).
Pairing: Tori/Keira slash pointing towards one-sided (that’s up to you)
Summary: Just a ficlet about Tori’s thoughts on Keira.
AN: As far as I know this pairing has never been done before, which kinda bugged me because, at least in my opinion they do have a slashy air about them, so I wanted some fics. But I found none, hence this ficlet. Sorry if it’s not really good, it’s the first fic I write for a Barbie movie. Actually, this is the first fic I’m publishing. Just tell me what you think about...
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It's kinda funny... an Italian that translates from French to English... but since I do study French, I did it anyways! Hope you like it!


I feel that I'm not reaching the end
I don't stay in balance
I had to accept it
In fact, my place isn't there

I'm drowning
I want to run far away
It'll be better for me to abandon this
To look back, even at this point

But I must catch the chance
To finally come out of my cocoon
If I'll go on without hesitation...

I'll reach the stars
From where I'll be able to gaze at this world
That is sitting on the horizon
I'll reach the...
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Ken and I love cupcakes! We used the scientific method to figure out what makes the perfect cupcake, but can’t agree on which one we like best. What’s your favorite?
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