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Rock 'n Royals book pictures
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Source: My RnR book
I got the Italian storybook today and I found some pics that I had never seen before
rock n royals
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This Barbie Movies photo might contain parasol and sunshade.

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princess power
kissed by a butterfly
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Hey BM fans I am back with another weird yet important article…I know I know you all gonna think “How the hell it’s important?” but it IS indeed important, as time is passing by there are things which are changing in BM some of them are good and some aren’t good so I will post my views in parts. Here is the first part where I would like to tell you my views on improvement of plots. In the next part will I will include improvements in characters, staring voices/songs and sequels.

Modern Princess World
Modern Princess World

Improvements in Plot

Barbie movies are getting modern as time is passing, and...
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Well you might be thinking which movie I’ll mention. It’ll be great disappointment to those who loves modern Barbie Movies especially those who are obsessed with Princess Movies.

Princess and the Popstar Most Overrated Movie according to me

It got too much “popular” among kids and its craze wasn’t over till 3-4 months I remember the spot was full of PaP stuffs and it still is popular among young minds. I wasn’t impressed by the movie though I remember after seeing the trailer I was impressed a bit and its plot sounded good but the movie was a great disappointment to me. The music...
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