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I spend too much time thinking about who I'm supposed to be
I play by everybody's rules that don't seem right to me
I'm cool and polite, on the outside
When I get a chance, I run and I hide
If your eyes are closed, it's hard to see

What if I back down now, 'cause I'm afraid of what might happen
What if they turn away when I show them who I truly am
What if I lose my breath when I throw those big doors open
Or tonight, just tonight
What if I shine?

Should I even care?
They're all sitting there, and everyone's staring at me
If I step out in the spotlight, maybe I'll be set free

What if I back down...
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Well I've found the link to Barbie in princess power in hindi on youtube . The link link
to watch more barbie movies in hindi , there's a channel which posts Barbie movies in hindi .
You can search 'Barbie movies in hindi '
the videos are edited so that youtube won't block them . The speed of videos are increased but don't worry you can go to the desktop site of youtube and decrease the speed. I want to share this link as I'm an Indian and wanted other Indian Barbie fans who are in this club . Plus I want to ask that how can I change my profile picture ? I can't find any option ....
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There's nothing that's more tragic
Than a princess without magic
And so I must take what I need from you

It may seem an imposition
But, hello, I'm on a mission!
There's no one who can stop me
And there's nothing you can do!

I want it all!
I want it now!
Don't tell me no
Just tell me how!
Y'see this crown?
It means bow down!
What I want is really very small
I want it all! (spoken) That's all!

Getting more magical every day
And totally taking my breath away (Ahh... Yeah.)
I know that you're gonna feel okay
Because it's better for me!

I want it all!
I want it now!
Don't make it small
Just make it wow!
Life has its games...
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This is, at least, the most saddest BM video I ever watched. I really miss them so much! PROTEST TO MATTEL! PROTEST TO MATTEL!
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