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Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale is a 2013 computer-animated Barbie film. The screenplay was written by Steve Granat and Cydne Clark, and Heavynn Gates is the lead vocalist for the movie's theme song.

Barbie and her sisters use an RV to go on a horseback-riding vacation to the Alps and go to a horse academy. They make new animal friends, and Barbie has an instant connection with a wild horse which she trains. At the horse academy, the sisters attend a festive gala dressed in their prettiest ball gowns.

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Me: Your first experience with Barbie movies - How old were you, and which movie was it?
Abbey: My first experience took place when I was ten years old. I was probably getting a bit too old to be playing with dolls by this point - I'd eventually give them up for a few years, before I got into doll collecting - but the idea of a Barbie movie still appealed to me, so I was quite excited when Nutcracker came out. He ordered it online, and it arrived in the post alongside a copy of Shrek. I vividly remember seeing it on the kitchen counter. Good times.

Me: Is this movie your favourite Barbie movie...
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Characters of Human Sidekicks in Barbie Movies(Part 1): Brietta to Luciana. Brietta, Genevieve's sisters, and Luciana. The sisters have similar weaknesses
I will write about the male sidekicks later.

1. Brietta:

Strengths: Kind, caring, reasonable, intelligent, brave:

Brietta is kind to the little girls, Annika, Shiver, and even Aiden. She cares a lot about her family, and friends. She is more reasonable then Annika, and often is the voice of reason to her. She is intelligent when she figures out how to get horses. She is brave when it comes to saving Annika.

Weaknesses: Pessimistic, gives...
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1. The Enchanted Forest
Reasons, why is this the most favorite of BM location?
"The enchanted forest is just lovely." - link
"Enchanted Forest is the best place in Barbie Movies!" - link
"Enchanted Forest is way better than the other." - link

2. Parthenia
Reason, why is this the second most favorite of BM location?
"That place is just too amazing." - link

3. Cloud Kingdom
Reason, why is this the third most favorite of BM locations?
"I like the Cloud Kingdom better. Cool twirly stairs!" - link

4. The Diamond Castle

5. The Magic Meadow

6. Paris (3M)

7. Crystal Palace...
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These are my ideas for some new barbie movies.

1. Barbie and the Bosnian War
I know they hardly have any violence in barbie movies in barbie movies but I thought it would be interesting to have a barbie movie based in the bosnian war. Like Barbie could be like a Christian girl who comes to Bosnia and befriends a Bosnian Muslim maiden. I thought they could do what they did in the princess and the popper in a film like this.

2. Barbie as Anastasia
I thought it would be kinda neat to have a barbie movie based in russia and have barbie as the lost princess Anastasia. She could be adopted by a poor family but follows the spirits of her lost family to find who she is and true love.

3.Barbie as the Geisha Enchantress
THey could have barbie as a Geisha who was sold into the brothel but discovers sisterhood is the one thing to help you get through.
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An amazing cover of the instrumental version of On Top of the World! I suggest you all to listen to it, it's wonderful!
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