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Princess Tori in Blue
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Source: Otniel Romeo (FairyPedro24) + Adobe Photoshop CS5
My creation on Adobe Photoshop CS5, I set the hue and saturation on the pink parts. This fan art was requested by Cynti19. Hope you all like it too ;)
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This Barbie Movies fan art might contain gown, dinner dress, dinner gown, formal, evening gown, bridal gown, wedding gown, and wedding dress.

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The film, Barbie and Her Sisters in a Ponytail, is a very enthusiastic movie, about horses. It is a family movie, full of refreshments and fun.
Barbie and her sisters set off for a journey in Rome, to the Horse Academy. There they stay with Aunt Marlene, and their cousins, Max and Marie.
Chelsea and Stacie are chosen by certain horses, Stacie by a blonde colored horse, and Chelsea by a small white horse. Chelsea seems not impressed by it, but later she makes up with her horse.
On the other side, Barbie, when going on a small horse ride, she notices a horse, completely different from the others....
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As an entertainment powerhouse, the Barbie® brand has been bringing fans of all ages engaging content for decades. Now, in collaboration with EMS Entertainment, Barbie will bring fans a new opportunity to sing and dance with the introduction of an all-new musical, Barbie™ LIVE! Barbie LIVE! is an engaging production featuring contemporary music with empowering lyrics, energetic choreography and a modern storyline that will appeal to fans of all ages. Barbie LIVE! will make its debut this September in Singapore and will travel Asia through 2014. In Manila, the show will be staged at the Mall...
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I'm a girl like you Japanese Version
princess and the pauper
i'm a girl like you
japanese version
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