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Barbie Movies Collection (COMPLETE)
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Whoo! Took me a half an hour, but worth it! I'm done! Hope you all like it!
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Princess Charm School:

1. You Can Tell She's a Princess [9:40]
2. Welcome to Princess Charm School [7:03]
3. Meet the New Roomies [8:05]
4. Specialness Is Like Cake [4:58]
5. On Top of the World [1:50]
6. The Royal Spa Treatment [7:51]
7. Palace Secrets Discovered [4:49]
8. An Alarming Accusation [5:27]
9. Gardania's Magical Crown [5:35]
10. Coronation Day [6:24]
11. True Princess of Gardania [5:54]
12. Celebration [5:48]

A Mermaid Tale 2:

1. Good Morning Oceana [8:54]
2. A Seashell of Memories [3:56]
3. Destination: Australia [4:47]
4. The Ambassadors' Arrival [7:01]
5. A Very Fishy Proposal [7:45]
6. A Nightmare...
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Okay, I got the Junior Novelization of this movie too and there are some things you all will be happy to know, so here they are:

All the characters:
At the ballet school
-Kristyn Farraday, our beloved heroine
-Hailey, her best friend, who helps Madame Katerina with the costumes
-Tara Pennington, the prima ballerina of the school
-Dillon Matthews, Kristyn and Hailey's friend. Kristyn has a crush on him and he feels the same way for her
-Madame Natasha, Kristyn's ballet instructor
-Madame Katerina, Madame Natasha's sister and seamstress of the ballet school
-Mr. Pennington, Tara's father
-Hannah, a little...
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