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Lorinna posted on Apr 10, 2011 at 10:04AM
Hello everyone! Today is very hot day, it's Sunday and it's real wish to do something... So, I'm going to be a beatle flood and I'll start this forum topic. It says all about itself.

So, my username is Lorinna. In first, it's shortened from Dolorina, my full name; in second, it's a name of rumored character of rumored Barbie movie.

As for userpic, this peaceful man with dandelion on his eye is John Lennon, leader of my favourite band the Beatles. For me, he's an example of thinking positive and ignoring everything mean.

I'm waiting for your stories! Good luck, your L/L.

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over a year ago MajorAbbey said…
Mine's pretty simple; Abbey's my name, and Major Mint is just that awesome. :)

The userpic is from a Barbie magazine I bought last year.
over a year ago MelodyLaurel said…
Well, my username's pretty weird, cause it has nothing to do with my name. In fact, it is my online alias on every site except Fanpop(OMG, I'm a big fat liar). I don't want to use my name, you know, it's strange and it rhymes a little.

As for that userpic, I'm currently shipping Damon and Elena from Vampire Diaries. They're just so cute:x And this is their most romantic moment.
over a year ago sudiptamld said…
My nick name is sudipta, so I have made my name Sudiptamld .Next, I love Barbie very much.SoI have my usericon of Barbie.
over a year ago CleoCorinne said…
My username is CleoCorinne... so, Cleo is one of my nicknames, because I've invented a character for a serie on the comic Mickey Mouse "Wizards of Mickey"... and the name was Lady Chloe, nickname Cleo...
For Corinne... well, Corinne is my favorite Barbie character ever...
The userpic is always connected to Barbie... most of my userpics are Corinne, but I used also Graciella and Barbie from Fairy Secret.
Now I'm using Blair from Princess Charm School
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over a year ago cynti19 said…
My username is cynti19. Well, Cynti is my nickname and just added to my favorite which is 19.
over a year ago FairyPedro24 said…
My username is FairyPedro24. I named it fairy because I love to draw fairies and I add "Pedro" because it is a cool masculine name. So I like it, and 24 is my favorite number from my birthdate
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over a year ago barbieluver said…
big smile
My username is barbieluver becoz i super duper love barbie...
over a year ago AayBreeCia said…

hmm.. I can't remember this name mean...

but is a name of my first Barbie gang when I'm 8 years old on web site) .
but my other friends in this gang didn't play this site in long time , I don't know why ,and when my gang have only me , I always use this username .

when I found my friend , "Aay"

I don't know why his name like the name of my gang " "Aay"breecia "
and he like Barbie movie like me too !. and now he is my best friend!
and yes! that why I put the name " Aayven " in Aaybreecia

so that mean , my nickname " ven " and "Aay" (his name) .
but I put his name on the first because he is the best friend of me.
but I don't want create a new account on fanpop
so that why It's still name of Aaybreecia.
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over a year ago Lorinna said…
Oh ABC, it's don't need to edit your post for 1,000 times. We all understand you, yeah?
over a year ago AayBreeCia said…
oh I just edit some word

and thank for understand my English lol
over a year ago faithinChrist said…
My name is pretty faith is in Jesus Christ and that's my username for most sites.
And my userpic is a dancer because I love ballet and dancing in general.
over a year ago courtney_22494 said…
My username is courtney_22494 simply because my name is Courtney and the line thingy i did just because it was something different and the 22494 is my full birthday. Really simple.

And the userpic is of two kittens because I love kittens but i would have a picture of rubber duckies because I just love rubber duckies so much!! But I saw that photo a little to late!
over a year ago corinne17 said…
My username is Corinne17.I've chosen this 'cause Corinne is my most most favorite and beautiful Barbie movie character.
As for 17 I've put Corinne's age 'cause I like it!!!
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over a year ago Sirea said…
My real name is Desiree, and Sirea comes from DeSIRE A.
over a year ago prettyraks said…
My real name is RAKShita so its is Raks and pretty so Prettyraks.As for my icon it keeps on changing but it will always be barbie or winx!!!
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over a year ago sparkletoes said…
My username is means well sparkly has got nothing to do with my real name in any way!! I just thought that it was a cool username..