Barbie Movies What are your Expectations of Princess Power?

Madmozell posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 07:15PM
Just give your opinions about Princess power after you watched the teaser trailer...Also about Barbie's appearance!!!

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over a year ago 3xZ said…
100% horrified.

- The teaser looks awful
- The book covers are terrible
- The animation looks ugly
- The song title makes me feel sick
- The teaser song makes me have to cover my ears immediately
- The glitter power I can foretell that it will be total disgusting!
- The face of the Barbie is O.O then -.- me
- The plot is not convincing at all though it's like Spider-Man.
- Somehow I know that it will just like Alexa of SD, disgracing our beloved Corinne the musketeer although it's Corrine (whatever :P)
- It will be more worse if the male villain is stupid like Pony Tale or Pearl Princess, unlike 3M. I need a sly, sneaky, brainy, perfect to be sorted in Slytherin villain type... XD Moreover, a man chasing butterfly's kiss and two young princesses (dunno if the cousin is a princess or not). Oh, it will be embarrassing
- It will be like a cheap knock off Superhero movie

To sum all up, I'll just watch Avengers: Age Of Ultron to see Superhero movie in 2015. If my eyes suddenly saw the movie and more horrified than seeing SD, I really quit watching this Mattel Playground Production distributed movie(s).
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