Barbie Movies What would you change in Barbie Movies?

manu962 posted on Jul 01, 2013 at 09:55PM
You can write any kind of critic you want for each Barbie Movie. Such as animation, personality of a character, plot, soundtrack etc.
You can also rate the movies if you want too. From 1/10 to 10/10 (you can use 0/10 too if you really hate a movie, but I don't think you'll need it. :P)
Barbie: Camping We Will Go, My Scene Movies and LitD Series are optional in case some one wants to critic them too.

The only rules are:
- No rude or offensive language.
- No discussion. (I thought that it's better to discuss other user's critic because it might land to fights.)
- Do not critic the upcoming movies. You'll have to wait till they're out .

I hope you like my idea. Have fun !

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over a year ago manu962 said…
1.Barbie in the Nutcracker- A Perfect Classic Movie. It really doesn't need anything to be changed. Well, I have to admit that when Clara wanted to go home instead of helping the Nutcraker and the other I was kinda disappointed by her, but I guess her imperfection makes her more realistic and relatable. And I always wondered if Clara would miss her family if she stayed in Parthenia. Still She loved Eric and other Parthenian people so it would be ok if she stayed there and they even needed their "Sugar Plum Princess" so her decision wasn't bad at all. It's one of my favorites so I'll give it 10/10.

2.Barbie as Rapunzel- Awesome music, characters and animation. It is one of the movie I grew up with. It hardly needs any changes, except that I have to admit that the plot is more relaxing than interesting (just like many classic movies like: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc.) which is no bad and I was kind of disappointed that Rapunzel didn't use her hair for anything. Since N and SL are better I'll give it 9/10

3.Barbie of Swan Lake- An other movie that I call perfect. I just would want Odette to have realistic hair like Clara because when she dances they look a bit like frozen. Still I'll give it 10/10

4.Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper- Do I need to say anything about it? Oh wait, I wanted Anneliese and Erika to stop Preminger not his clumsy sidekicks (Nick and Nack). Anyway 10/10.

5.Barbie Fairytopia- A nice classic movie but not my favorite. The characters and the music are awesome. The plot is also good but it fails to make me interested. It just never amazed me. Maybe if the included the songs from the live version in the movie I and other fans would like this movie more. As about the animation many people think it's band but I actually love it and I thing Elina looks the best in this movie.
I'll give it 8/10.

6.Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus- I love the Bethoven's music that they used and the character are awesome and realistic. But the animation sometimes looks weird and for some reasons it didn't make into my favorite movie's list. So I'll give it 8/10.

7.Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia- Hmm... The first Fairytopia movie was better. The music and characters are good just like in the first movie but the plot lacks being interesting and Elina doesn't look as good as in the first movie. She kinda has yellowish hair now. So I'll give it 7/10.

8.The Barbie Diaries- A Barbie Movie with a totally different animation which is awesome. It also has awesome characters and songs. The plot is good too. The only thing I don't like about it is how Barbie's personality is quite bad. I'll give it 9/10.

9.Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses- It is awesome just like PaP.. 10/10.

10.Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow- It has the same problems Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia has so I don't think it's needed to repeat them again. Plus Mariposa looks even worse here. 7/10.

11.Barbie as The Island Princess- I wouldn't really change anything in it, it is quite perfect. I'll give it 10/10

11.Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends- Now this is an awesome movie. I can relate to Mariposa a lot and even Elina looks better here. I only with the Skeezites wouldn't be that scary because they scared most of the audience, but I never had a problem with that though. I'll give it 9/10.

13.Barbie & The Diamond Castle- An other flawless movie. The plot, the songs, the characters and everything are awesome. The only think I have a problem with is that Liana does everything that's important in the movie. She finds the heart diamonds, she makes the necklaces, she gives her launch to the old lady, she gets the mirror and keeps it during all the movie, she is the first that wants to help Melody, she had the idea to sing for food and she is the one who still wants to help Melody while Alexa stays in that mansion. So Alexa does nothing important at all, she just supports Liana. Still she's my favorite character there. I'll give it 10/10.

14.Barbie in A Christmas Carol- The idea, the story, the characters and music are awesome. I just don't really like that since Eden played by Barbie is bad for most of the movie she has a beauty mark. Since when does having a beauty mark mean you're a bad person? I sadly happens a lot in Barbie Movies. I'm not sure if I should give it 8/10 or 9/10.

15.Barbie Presents Thumbelina- This movie is quite different from all Barbie Movies. It is a kind of movie that seems interesting when you watch it but them you forget it after a few moments. I hate to admit that even I as a very big fan of BMs have watched it only a few times. And it would be better if it was based on the original fairytale. But I love the motto and and it has some good lessons. I'll give it a 6/10.

16.Barbie and The Three Musketeers- An other awesome movie. I really can't see anything bad about it. It does have gender roles but it's nothing wrong with that because the movie is about breaking the gender roles (just like Mulan. The only thing that I'd change are some annoying screaming parts of Louis. Lolz! Of course it deserves 10/10.

17.Barbie in A Mermaid Tale- My second favorite modern movie. I must say it is a quite interesting movie and I actually love it. If only thing that I would change are the modern fashionable mermaids. Just think how awesome it would be if Oceana was a Classic kingdom. It could even be one of my favorite movies. Also sometimes Merliah is selfish and that annoys me a bit but at least in the end she changed.I'll rate it 8/10

18.Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale- The movie is quite good and the songs are good too. But the colors are too bright that sometimes can even hurt my eyes and there's too much glitter. And of course Barbie has changed too much, and even if Diana Kaarina's voice isn't bad Barbie's voice belongs to Kelly. And did I mention that since this movie Ken started to be stupid. I'll rate it 7/10.

19. Barbie: A Fairy Secret- It has almost the same problems as MT and FF. The song is good and the plot isn't bad either but it is too modern and I just can't stand Ken being a "dude in distress. Lolz! So I rate it 7/10 too.

20.Barbie: Princess Charm School- Now this is a good movie. In fact it is my fav modern movie. The only things I'd really change are Blair's voice (of course she would be awesome voiced by Kelly), Nicholas of course and if their hair wouldn't be so frozen especially in the end of the movie when they're princesses. I'll rate it 8/10.

21.Barbie: A Perfect Christmas- Let's face it. This is a holiday movie and is not that interesting, the fact that there is no villain proves it.In fact the only things that do harm to someone there are the weather/ the snow and the squirrel, and they can't be considered villains. And the animation is not that good either. Stacie's and Chelsea's hair are yellow and they're quite annoying when they constantly fight. Stacia's and But there are some good songs. I'll rate it 6/10

22.Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2- It is good but not as good as the first movie. The plot can look boring sometimes and Kylie should've had a real Australian accent not Ashleigh Ball trying to sound like an Australian but she actually fails at that. Also the theme songs is quite weird but I got used to it. I'll rate it 7/10

23.Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar- The songs are awesome and the animation isn't bad either. But the story leaves many things untold. Plus Tori and Keira especially Tori don't have really good personality and are not that good role models. They both seem selfish and the pranks Tori plays on her Aunt are so not cool. But in the end Tori understands her duties and Keira understands that she can to have fun while she works so she doesn't need to have a boring job. I was also disappointed to hear that Keira is not voiced by Kelly but by Ashleigh Ball. Kelly Sheridan being back is a plus for this movie. I'll rate it 7/10.

24.Barbie in The Pink Shoes- A ballet movie after such a long time with awesome music, of course it got to be awesome. I liked it a lot but the plot is not really complete. Kristyn's character has nothing interesting and I don't like how Kristyn is more into modern ballet than classic ballet, at least that's how it seems to me. She usually turns classic ballet steps into modern steps and when she dances her own way the music suddenly changes into more moderish. The animation is quite realistic and good but Kristyn doesn't look that good most of the time. She only looks good as Giselle and Odette and in the end of the movie after she performs. Usually she has blonde hair that have a weird color and too much make up making her look like a clown. Also they never explained why Tara turned from good to bad. I forgot to say that Hailey acts weird most of the time making her a bit annoying. I'll rate it 7/10.

I'd like to say that those movies that I rated 9/10 or 10/10 are in my favorite movie's list.

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over a year ago sparkletoes said…
Here's what I think...sorry but my opinions are a bit different...
I seriously like Rapunzel more than N and SL because it is "perfect"! It is mature, slow moving (which I like) beautiful songs and story and Rapunzel's artistic talent is amazing!

Princess and the pauper, 12 dancing princesses, island princess are perfect for me.

My favourite fairytopia movie...mariposa ofcourse..and she is a character I can relate to..
Though I think that Elina's face got better and better in the fairytopia movies..and Mermaidia is my favourite because it is so interesting and epic!!! The music is sensational!! Fairytopia 3 is my second favourite because of the cute story and "magnificent" ending! I never liked the animation of the first movie...

I agree with the fact that Liana did everything in DC and I wouldnt say that it was flawless..because it does have quite a few..the story can be quite confusing but I love the songs. It is one of my favourites.

I loved 3 musketeers! What a change it was! I wouldnt give it 10 out of 10 because of a lot of movie mistakes..and the fact that the men were so powerless against the girls was quite strange!

I like FF and FS but I agree that some things are stupid. The songs of FF are awesome! Princess charm school is my favourite modern movie because of it's "charm" and it brings a lot of the old stuff back though there is some noticable similarity with island can even say that PCS is a modern version of IP with a twist!

I dont think perfect christmas is that bad! It is good in its own way..I dont care if it didnt have a "real" villion! It was cute, cool songs and a nice lesson..I found it heartwarming...

I seriously like MT 2 more than MT! MT gets a bit boring and I find the story of MT 2 very interesting, it is epic and I love the animation! PaP has got to be the worst movie in storyline with really bad role models!
But the only reason I watch it over and over again is because of the brilliant songs and awesome and beautiful animation! The story is just stupid and doesnt make sense..the villions are the worst ever too..

I loved pink've got to get used to the animation does bring a lot of the things from the older barbie movies its ballet. After watching the movie I always feel like dancing..the song is my favourite..
And haha..yes I do agree that Krysten makes her dance modernish..especially in the last performance! But it actually makes it more fun and cool! The movie isnt the best that mattel could have done..but its cool!

over a year ago MajorAbbey said…
Great idea. :) Most of them I wouldn't change at all, so I'll save you all some time and space and list the ones I would change, even if it's just a minor thing.

Nutcracker - I'd give Mint and Candy a fighting scene. Something to show what they were doing while Eric and Clara were fighting the Mouse King. That's all I'd do, really.

Three Musketeers - I'd give Helene a backstory. I felt like she needed one.

Mermaid Tale - Oceana. Just... Oceana. I have no problem with the rest of it, with the time period or Merliah's story or any of that. Oceana's the biggest problem here. It was just too superficial, and I don't feel like it ever really seemed like it was threatened.

Fashion Fairytale - I'd tone down the glitter (glitter =/= fashionable. Marie-Alecia's designs looked fine the way they were), give Delphine more of a chance to show the "nice girl" she is deep down, and I'd do something about that movie scene at the beginning. Scrap all the stuff about Barbie "quitting acting" and show how she felt in a way that didn't feel like Mattel were trying to come up with a way to get rid of the fairytale movies.

Fairy Secret - Now, the actual idea behind this one isn't that bad. Fairies having their own secret world is quite a cool idea in itself. What I'd do is get rid of that movie premiere scene and the overwhelming emphasis on fashion. It's just too much. Just like the whole "all-modern" thing is too much.

Princess Charm School - I'd give Nicholas something to do besides turn up at one dance lesson. I'd probably get rid of the fairies, too.

Princess and the Popstar - We'd see more of Keira's life as Tori (including that scene with the duke which has been mentioned before) and the way Tori treats Amelia, if it has to be shown at all, would be portrayed as a bad thing. Because it is. I'd also like to have a subplot surrounding that, where Tori realizes why Amelia is that way and, while she'll never be like that herself, she can respect that. I'd also bring back Awesome Military Guy (remember him?). He could befriend Keira-as-Tori and help take down Crider. Maybe he can be Liam's cousin or something.

Pink Shoes - I'd probably make the story a bit more detailed. I liked the story in PS, but it always seemed a bit fast compared to the earlier ballet movies. I'd also give Sigfried a bigger role, maybe alongside Albrecht and Hilarion (yeah, you're seeing a pattern here, aren't you? I guess I just want these male characters to actually DO something).

As for animation, the same applies to all of them; I'd give them the MoP-IP animation, which is, in my opinion at least, the best.