Barbie Movies Fan Of The Month - December 2012 (Open for nominations)

Evera posted on Feb 27, 2013 at 12:41PM
Note: Always read the rules carefully before nominating. Entries that are against the rules will not be accepted.

You can nominate up to 3 different fans whom you think should be the Fan of The Month(FOTM). Then I will make the picks with the nominees and let the public decide.It could be anyone, but please refrain from nominating yourself and keep in mind the following rules:

-Each of you can nominate up to 3 fans a month. You can only nominate once.

-It's okay to nominate a fan that someone else has nominated in a previous post.

-Once the picks for FOTM are up, please don't voting for yourself.

-And last but not least, please do not nominate someone who has already won the title

New rules:

-I make fan of the year, based on PrinceNicholes' idea

-Winners of FOTM but didn't win FOTY can be nominated again but after we know who is the Fan Of The Year. So right now, please don't nominate person who was the winners of FOTM

-If you're breaking this rules and cheating, you will be banned until I let you to be available to be nominate.


December 2011: LightningRed

FAN OF THE YEAR 2011: LightningRed

January 2012: Lorinna
February 2012: MJsValentine
March 2012: CleoCorinne
April 2012: 3xZ
May 2012: manu962
June 2012: corinne17
July 2012: Lena_t
August 2012: MelodyLaurel
September 2012: cynti19
October 2012: XTinkerBellx
November 2012: MajorAbbey
December 2012:


credit to pusillanimous and 09O411
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over a year ago PrinceNicholes said…
jfren43(or PrincessAnnika),lillyna23 and nmdis.
over a year ago cynti19 said…
over a year ago Sirea said…
over a year ago Madmozell said…
I nominate:
over a year ago Sirea said…
over a year ago nmdis said…
I nominate

1. Papanoel : Because of his amazing contribution throughout.
2.Sirea : She is active as well
3 FairyPedro24 : He might be less active nowadays but my bro as well my friend.

That's all! May the deserving person win.