Barbie Movies Theme Song for Barbie Heroines Round 3: Erika(OPEN)

Mariolka posted on Oct 12, 2012 at 01:02AM
It's pretty simple. Post a song that fits the best for the barbie character/Heroine.
Reward: Five props of the winner's choice.

Rule 1: You can't pick a song someone already posted in the same round.
Rule 2: Must give the title of the song, and who sang it.

At the end of the round there will be a poll for fans to decide which is the best theme song.

ROUND 1: Corinne (Winner: Ruxi23 Song: Make It Happen by Mariah Carey.)

ROUND 2: Anneliese(Winner: Lilyna23 Song: Free)

ROUND 3: Erika

Deadline: March 17th
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over a year ago Sirea said…
It's a cool idea!

Making my way
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over a year ago manu962 said…
The opening version of "All for one and One for all".
I guess you can understand me,right ?The version that is heard in the opening of the movie.
over a year ago Madmozell said…
over a year ago Mariolka said…
Yeah I understand. By the way you can post any song you think represents her the best, it does NOT have to be Barbie related
over a year ago ruxi23 said…
It think this one Make It Happen By Mariah Carey
over a year ago lillyna23 said…
what about "free" i like this song on barbie the princess and the pauper.
over a year ago Sirea said…
To be a princess for Anneliese, if Free it's choosen yet.
over a year ago ruxi23 said…
Got to Be Free by Diana Ross
over a year ago Firiel said…
I think Anneliese is fit with "Written in Your Heart" by Julie Stevens
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over a year ago Ishiqa said…
Erika-If u love me for me
over a year ago Sirea said…
Erika - Written in Your Heart