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This is for my beloved Miss Blair!

Who could know
That we'd come here?
All of us so different
Searching out the world
And we're here together
For a common life

We're like a team
We're together
Always we'll be one
We'll give everything we have
We'll live united forever
And we'll never be divided
We're like a team with one heart

We never stop
On the tough moments
The four of us with one soul
And noone's going to resist on us
It's time for a new biginning

We're like a team
You'll see (You'll see)
Always we'll be one
We'll give everything we have
We'll be united (united)...
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Me and my friend
Our friendship doesn't has an end
We walk down the street
And give each other a treat

We walk hand in hand
And together play in sand
Together we read each book
And learn how to cook

We together sing holy songs
Often do something wrong
We try to make it all right
We bring the sparks to light

We don't have much in common
I look like a cat,She looks like a Roman
I am from hills,She is from plains
But still we together play in rains

Me and my friend
Our friendship doesn't has an end
We walk down the street
And give each other a treat
Barbie Rock 'n Royals Chelsea Doll Case:

In Barbie in Rock 'n Royals, two very different worlds collide when a mix-up sends a princess and a rock star to the wrong camps. With the Barbie Rock 'n Royals Chelsea Doll Case, choose Chelsea as a princess rock star in pink with hot pink hair and pink guitar, a princess pop singer in blue with a pink crown headband, and purple guitar, or as a junior rocker with pink headset and silvery microphone! All three wear adorable outfits with iconic touches, like bows for the princess pop stars and stars for the rocker. Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories...
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As most of you know I just got a DVD for Barbie in Princess Power. A booklet that came with it talking about Barbie toys and other Barbie related stuff also talks about the new Barbie in Rock 'N Royals movie that is coming out this fall. It gives a little plot for the movie. Here is what it says:

"Two very different worlds collide when a mix up sends a princess and a rockstar to the wrong camp. As they face an epic sing off, both girls embrace their differences, find their true voice and learn that nothing can prevent them from achieving their dreams!"

What do I think about this plot? I actually think it sounds interesting. I think it is the start of a good movie. Since this movie looks like it is going to be a musicial I can't wait to hear the songs for this movie. I am sure they will be great.

Let me know what you think about this. Do you like this plot or not?
Okay, so I know some of you, like me, have already seen Princess Power even though it technically isn't released yet. So I am just going to write my thoughts and opinions about the movie. There may be spoilers, but I will try not to give anything away.

Okay, first I'll talk about the songs. There are three songs: Soaring, Superhero Beat, and Coolest Thing Ever.

Okay, Superhero Beat was probably my favorite song in the movie. Why? Well, the beat was super catchy (haha, super catchy? Get it? Never mind.) Also, I really liked the lyrics in this song. Overall it was a really good song. Although,...
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vanesaa-vanns beautiful entry for 3xZ's forum
vanesaa-vanns beautiful entry for 3xZ's forum
It's here,it's here
The one you wanna cheer

I know,I know
Come on,
Lets begin our show

BM's we all adore

We have to bring BM's up
And make this our real BM club

A drop after drop makes the whole sea
We are BM fans,
Yes,that's you and me

Difference is the biggest strength
Often people say,
BM haters get out of here
Or you will have to pay!!

For a great BM future
We've got something to post,
We've got to hurry
Or BM's will get lost

Please,Please help me
To bring the BM's up
Please help me
To make this a real BM club

Thank You !!!!
Mariposa and Catania's Transformation
Mariposa and Catania's Transformation
It's our craze, you'll be amazed
After visiting this place.

Fans like shafiqua and pinkydoll,
Grab all BM items in the mall.

To watch BMs we're always on the bed,
Yes we are whether 3xZ or LightningRed.

Barbie movies, says nmdis,
Give us a special kind of bliss.

No Selena, no Shakira,
In this club we're just BM fans, says DelancyKeira.

-Aay_V-, Lena_t;
They say,"For BMs we can do anything."
CleoCorrine, Cynti19
Say," We are the strongest team"

Ishiqa, MyLadyKeira, Sirea
They all praise all Barbies - Keira or Catania.
They all have watched movie #2
Sure we have, says Asabala2.

'Alexa-tious' fans like coolraks12,...
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I just watched PCS in Polish the other day, and the only good thing about the movie was this song. So yeah, here's the translation from the Polish lyrics, if any of you are interested.
Some of the parts sound awkward to me, so if any of you have any suggestions to make these lyrics better, I'd very much appreciate it.

Where is my grace?
I stumble all the time
I doubt if I have talent
And if anyone here likes me

Don't know if I can stand this
How many times have I done this?
I have a strong desire to withdraw
I can run away while I still can

I believe freedom is a gift
The ember still burns in my heart...
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posted by CleoCorinne
So... well, I'm looking in the Web for more Barbie Movies since many months, and I've found these:

-Barbie in Wonderland (2012)
-Barbie Mermaid Adventures (2004)
-Barbie in An Egg-cellent Easter (2012)
-Barbie and the Butterfly Wishes (2012)

I know, the last one is quite weird, but I've found it...
Mattel, are you going mad?????

I don't know if they're going to make these and, as you can see, they were planning another movie for 2004! I don't know, but I think that some of the rumored movies would be really awesome... For me, Snow White and Rose Red, The Snow Queen, Black Beauty, Elisabella... these titles inspires me... LOL!
if you are lookin' for the lyrics of the song connected in barbie and the diamond castle this is the right place to here it is
I’m blind-folded on this carriage ride that takes all life.
Keep trying to make it through the next turn, knuckles white and holdin’ tight.
So here I go, takin’ a curve,
But I know that I’m never alone.
I think of you, I know you’d never let me go.
I feel connected, protected, it’s like you’re sitting right with me all the time.
You hear me, you’re near me,
And everything else is gonna be alright.
‘Cause nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break...
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Articles by nmdis
Articles by nmdis
Hey BM fans I am here with another article, this time I wanna tell you my most favorite songs of all the time, you can give me your list too it would be great to know what you think and your taste

Modern Music of Barbie Movies
I like many songs but they aren’t best enough to be in top 5 so here are the songs which I like.

#10. Rachel Bearer.
“Keep on Dancing” from Pink Shoe’s managed to gain its position in top 10 list only and only because of its lyrics and singer I wasn’t impressed by the music video that much, the dance wasn’t good and neither was animation in the video, I am not...
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Keira: Once I played, you know?
Something that no one ever listened to
But I see them, you know?
They look at me
You know, dreaming is easy

Now I feel that what I wanted is here...

Here I am
I will give everything that I have
I have no doubts
I'll burn and light up everything
And the dark will disappear

Tori: I wake up and outside it's already morning
The Duchess tells me 'You're not a child anymore!'
I know she believes I'm spoiled
But princesses, you know, just want to play
Princesses, you know, just want to play

The joy and the happiness for us
When the day will be over
Princesses, you know, just want to...
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A friend is the one ,
who keeps in touch with you , forever ,
no matter what the condition is ,
whether bad or fair.

A friend is someone ,
who wipes away your tears ,
smiles with you to make you joyous
cause bearing the pain
is like a great pressure on their heart.

A true friend always keeps in touch
when you are in trouble..
as well as moments when you are surrounded by joys and tears .

But others are just fair -weather friends,
Keeps in touch with you only when
you are bathed in riches.
But forgets you when you are useless.

True friends are rare in this world ,
So be careful to choose...
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Congratulations MJsValentine! You're Fan of this Month! And you can have a free latte and a bunch of fatcakes!

I'd like to post an interview with our FOTM.

1) Now, you're Fan of the month. How does it feel to be a Fan of the month?

Well, I don't think I feel any different than before, but I'm so grateful that people actually voted for me. This is a bit of surprise to me, but one doesn't question a miracle.

2) What do you think about FOTM nomination?

I think it's a brilliant idea. I also love the fact that this isn't treated like a real competition. If you know what I mean? Most people don't make...
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Requested by barbiegirl2435 (well, sort of... lolz!)


The princess the spoon can choose
The princess must have many shoes
A good poise will have
Will show elegance
Delightful, fascinating she will be
You will never see the princess confused

Do a plié without falling
Always be careful with what you say
For the whole day you must contain yourself, you know
In with the stomach and up with the chin
Straight and still with the back
Bow in a good way and wear the gloves to wave

High with the shoulders, in with the stomach
Finger on your chin
Turn your head...
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posted by iHeartJesus
When i was younger i made an account on fanpop and hade no idea what i was doing. I was a bad speller so i would always spell something wrong and people reported me because they thought i was to young to be on fanpop but i wasn't. So i deleted my account and started over but dint say anything or add stuff to the site i just poked around and and after awile i understood that i was doing everything wrong on my old account. for all the new kids just saying before you do any thing on fanpop just poke around and understand what to do before you do something. And when ever i do something wrong or spell something wrong please understand and if you want you can correct me =)
Like that seed
That stays in the ground
Inviolable secret
With the sun it'll grow
Like this, every sweet breeze
Will be able to proove
A reality that you're not able to see

Like this, if you want, you can dream
Stretch your wings and fly to the sky
Like this, singing from your heart, yeah...
You can't go wrong...


Hope you like it, this is how it is on Italian... if you didn't notice, "Like this" means "Così", so when you read "Like this", it's the part, on English, when it says "Believe"
posted by sparkletoes
hi i wanted to talk about fairy secret.It was awesome!the music was incredible!i wish bc smith conducts the music of the upcoming barbie movies.but i thought that fairy secret was a bit childish.I mean barbie movies are supposed to be for little girls or boys.DO yuo think that teenagers can watch them? I think barbie movies will reach the top! i mean every other movie gets an oscar award but why not BM?Mattel is getting better by the second.I have noticed barbie entertainment instead of mattel in FF and FS.Is it because those two movies show the real life of barbie? I have heard Barbie the...
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Barbie role as:
Clara from Barbie in the Nutcracker, Rapunzel from Barbie as Rapunzel, Odette from Barbie of Swan Lake, Anneliese and Erika from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, Elina from Barbie Fairytopia series, Annika from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Genevieve from Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, Rosella from Barbie as the Island Princess, Liana from Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Corinne from Barbie and the Three Musketeers, Merliah from Barbie in a Mermaid Tale and herself from The Barbie Diaries, Barbie in a Christmas Carol, Barbie Thumbelina and Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale....
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posted by manu962
All for one one for all Barbie and three musketters

What are the chances
That we'd be here today
Different girls from different worlds
Trying to find our own way
Now we're the perfect team
Sharing the same dream

All for one
Who knew
Together we know what to do
Strong hearts, strong minds
Fighting for what's right every time
We'll never be divided
All for one
One for all

Don't try to stop us
Or keep us down and out
Power of four
Forever more
And now there is no doubt
Answering the call
Breaking down the walls

All for one
It's true (it's true)
Together we know what to do
Strong hearts, strong minds
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